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NEV Industry Booming In China Thanks Largely To Xi’an Industrial Base

BYD’s Xi’an Industrial Base continues to play a large role in China’s success in the NEV industry

BYD is making waves again, this time with their rapidly developing New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Xi’an Industrial Base, the capital of the Shaanxi Province, Northwest China. In case you are unfamiliar with BYD, they are a Chinese Automaker primarily producing NEVs and have recently outsold Tesla becoming the number one global NEV seller.

To read about that, check out our article on how BYD outsold Tesla. After their hot streak of successes, BYD notes that their Xi’an Industrial Base has become increasingly important as of late. So much so, that the only base more important than it is BYD’s headquarters in the Guangdong Province, South China.

This development is marked by BYD’s Xi’an Industrial Base having produced 280,000 vehicles, with an astonishing 270,000 of them being NEVs, from January 2022 to May 2022, a staggering 146.2 percent increase from last year as well as Xi’an providing a progressive automobile industry policy and conducive business environment.

Xi’an Industrial Base
BYD’s Xi’an employees working on a production line

The general manager of BYD in Xi’an, Liu Zhenyu, stated “We are building a BYD new energy auto part production expansion project. In the future, all the advanced components required for BYD’s NEVs will appear here and BYD’s annual output in Xi’an will also increase from 300,000 to 600,000.”

BYD is going all out to support this effort as they have planned an investment of 15 billion yuan, that’s about USD2.24 billion, into the BYD Parts Industrial Park. This is a major project in Xi’an and Shaanxi which is still under construction but will greatly help with the increased volume of vehicle demand for the Xi’an Industrial Base.

As the sudden surge in popularity of NEVs has only happened recently, the NEV industry in Xi’an is widely regarded as the catalyst for this booming growth in NEVs over the past couple of years, thanks in no small part to the Xi’an base having solid foundations, an early start to the game and their utilization of cutting-edge technology.

Xi’an Industrial Base
Newly produced cars outside the Xi’an Industrial Base

Despite crippling supply chain and other trade issues, both domestically and internationally, particularly between January and May this year, Xi’an’s NEV production was largely unfazed, if anything, it continued to grow. In fact, production and sales were up a jaw-dropping 748.5 percent from last year. Now, that’s seriously impressive.

This upward momentum shows no signs of stopping anytime soon as Xi’an has recently announced their plans to ramp up the high-quality development of the NEV industry. They predict that the Xi’an industrial base will be a top-tier NEV industrial base, spearheading sales and production for the country by the year 2025.

However I still can’t help but wonder, despite all these advancements and adoption from the rest of the world, will Malaysia still be lagging behind in NEV policies and infrastructure in 2025? I guess only time will tell.

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