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Published on July 28th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Some BMW i4 and iX models have been recalled for battery concerns

The two electric models could potentially be facing a dangerous battery issue according to BMW

BMW iX Electric Cars

German automaker, BMW, is in the midst of recalling a handful of their BMW i4 and iX models as they say that these vehicles may be facing a dangerous battery issue. As far as we know, this is only happening in North America. Their full article is attached here.

The question now is, are these models that were sold in Malaysia affected as well? Well, a spokesperson with BMW North America issued a statement saying “the high-voltage” battery manufacturer may not have produced the battery to specifications. As a result, a short-circuit could occur and lead to a thermal event.”

We are also unsure as to how many vehicles have been recalled thus far but some BMW i4 owners have already discussed the recall with their local dealerships who have stated that the number of recalled vehicles is somewhere between 50 to 80 units depending on who you ask.

BMW i4 M50 front

On top of that, BMW assures us that the number of affected vehicles is very small as they are only the i4 and iX models built between 2022 and 2023 and according to the same spokesperson from earlier, BMW Customer Relations already started contacting the owners of the affected vehicles last week over the phone.

However, BMW states that this issue is very serious and even requires owners to stay away from their cars. This includes not driving or charging their vehicles. To make matters worse, BMW also recommends that owners park their cars outdoors, away from standing structures.

BMW i4 and iX battery issue

Rest assured, BMW is being proactive about this and are working on tracking down  the owners of these affected vehicles but repairing them will not be a walk in the park. Some owners of these vehicles who have received the notice stated that the battery cell modules need to be replaced.

That means it won’t be a quick fix and BMW does not even have an estimated timeline on when this fix may occur which means that some BMW i4 and iX owners may have to go several weeks without their car. On BMW’s end, they told owners on a forum that they will be hearing back about the recall somewhere around mid-August.

BMW is working tirelessly to ensure this whole thing goes smoothly and so we can expect prompt updates on their end soon.

BMW i4 and iX battery issue

If you are a BMW owner here in Malaysia and you owned one of these affected cars, how would you react if BMW gave you news like this? How far away from your house or would you even dare get close to the vehicle again?

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