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All-New Toyota Sienta Launched In Japan

The Toyota Sienta gets renewed one more round in Japan, but is missing in Malaysia.

Back in 2016, UMW Toyota Motor made a surprising launch in Malaysia with the Sienta. It was an all-new nameplate in the country and a rather unique proposition in the segment. This was a compact MPV capable of seating 7, with dual power sliding doors, funky styling and a reliable powertrain. It was also imported from Indonesia and sold at a rather reasonable price.

Unfortunately, most buyers could not see the value in a high spec compact MPV at the time and the Sienta was eventually pulled from our market with no replacement. Now, there’s a new Sienta. With the excitement around the new Alza and Mitsubishi’s Xpander almost single-handedly putting the brand back in the top selling 5 in the country, perhaps UMW Toyota will give this new Sienta a second chance in our market.

The new Sienta follows the tradition of the nameplate, which has been around since 2003. It maintains the same easy-to-manage overall length, while incorporating the latest safety features and great low running and purchase costs. It still seats 7, but the second row of seats has been re-designed for more legroom and head clearance.

What has changed dramatically is the chassis and the introduction of new powertrain options. It now sits on the TNGA platform (GA-B) and customers can now have the Sienta powered by a 1.5L Dynamic Force with a Direct Shift CVT or by a Series Parallel Hybrid with a Reduction Gear with E-Four all-wheel drive optional.

The new structure of the Sienta is formed with a ring-shaped frame for better joint rigidity, making the new Sienta more dynamic and safer. High-damping structural adhesive has been used throughout. There’s MacPherson struts in front and a torsion beam at the rear. The turning radius is just 5m.

2023 Toyota Sienta in motion

The 1.5L petrol option uses the M15A-FKS ‘Dynamic Force’ engine with a Direct Shift CVT with 10-simulated gear ratios. This powertrain returns 18.4km per litre. The Series Parallel Hybrid option mates the same petrol engine with a hybrid system for 28.8km per litre.

In terms of design, the Sienta has a familiar but evolved appearance. Toyota has used a ‘Shikakumaru’ design language, combining circles and squares and rounded corners. Side protection moulds convey a sense of utilitarianism. 7 funky colours inject a little personality back into the Sienta. These colours include: Urban Khaki, Scarlet Metallic, Grayish Blue as well as two-toned colour combos.

Inside, colour scheme options include Khaki, Fromage, Black are available. Interestingly, the fabric seat covers have a deodorising treatment and is water and oil repellent. Cute little pictograms have been moulded into storage bins to suggest what items can fit in them.

The cabin dimensions have grown too. The interior is now 20mm taller than before. Front and rear couple distances have been increased by 80mm and the seats have been designed for under-storage. A ceiling air-circulator has been installed for better rear seat comfort and sunshades have been installed on the sliding doors.

The stepless flat floor returns along with the low floor height. Power sliding doors now open wider by 60mm. These power doors also feature hands-free opening. Rear door hatch opening has been increased by 15mm and loading space heigh has been increased by 20mm. Bicycles with up to 27″ tyres can be loaded without issue.

There’s a 5-seater version too for those who want to prioritise luggage space. This version has 50mm taller cargo storage space.

The Sienta comes with Toyota Safety Sense, Advanced Park and more.

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