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Published on August 9th, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Please JPJ WE Want Dark Window Tint To Save Our Car Interior

With the heat getting worse we need dark window tint on our cars.

Yes, the Malaysia road transport law is very strict about the use of dark window tint for regular Malaysian vehicle owners.

People in the elite class and some not so law abiding vehicle owners have very dark window tint (almost 100 percent solid black) and they seem to be allowed to do so as we and many regular Malaysians have seen over the years.

Dark Window Tint

However, climate change is not a passing fad and we can already see and feel temperatures rising around the world and also Malaysia, like in the fasting month earlier this year and some weeks in between when rain was missing from our skies and temperatures soared.

Now, with the hot sun beating down on our cars daily for at least 8 hours (9am to 5pm) many vehicles, even before their 5-year warranty is up, are seeing cracked dashboards, melted door handles, split window rubbers and melted dashboard knobs and switches.

Dark Window Tint

Even worse, from more than a decade ago, sticky plastics have been a normal occurrence on European made vehicles and somewhat strange, never on Korean and Japanese vehicles.

In recent years, this problem has started in Japanese and Korean vehicles, not all but it has started and this could only be because of the rising heat.

Dark Window Tint

So, can the Malaysian road transport department (JPJ) please look into changing the vehicle window tint law to allow for darker window tint as this will also help save the environment as vehicle owners will NOT have to use their car air-conditioner as much to keep cool and this will reduce fuel consumption, yes by a small percentage, but in total it is still a saving.

Then, this will reduce the amount of wasted plastic (no need to strip off good quality window tint when going for Puspakom inspection) and also save a lot of money (because there will be less need to re-install new window tint after its ripped off at Puspakom to pass inspection).

Dark Window Tint

Plus, there will be less aggravation at all Puspakom centers because vehicle owners need not argue with Puspakom inspectors that their window tint is according to JPJ guidelines.

In the long run, the move to allow for dark vehicle window tint is a win win for many and only a loss of window tint sellers and installers who benefit from constantly having to re-install or replace new car window tint after every used car Puspakom inspection.

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