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This is what RM199 tint provides after less than a year

If it is priced low, then it must be fake!

The advertising of low priced window tint gets many car owners excited with the thought of saving money and getting that much needed window tint to protect us from the harsh sun. The reality is right here in the pictures below after a few months of installing RM199-RM299 window tint. You get cheap quality tint film with cheap quality glue and you end up having blur vision in your car and an unsightly outlook for your car. The tint shop did not ‘play’ you, they just attracted your attention with low price and the promise of heat and UV rejection.

Is There A Warranty

Besides looking at the specifications an auto film provides you, you should also check if they provide a warranty for it. Most quality products come with a warranty from the manufacturer which is fulfilled by authorized dealers. In cases where the film has a defect or starts peeling within the warranty period, you should be able to make a claim. This is also why it is important to only purchase auto films from legitimate authorized dealers.

A tip is to visit the brand’s website to check for the list of authorized dealers nearby your area. This is to ensure that you are still covered by the existing warranty even if that outlet is no longer in business. You should also compare the length and coverage of the warranty as some brands provide a longer period to offer long term value. This is why it is recommended to go for a trusted brand that has a good history of performance quality and after sales service.

Best Not To Use Metallized Tint

Metallized films are a popular type of auto film in the market due to its fairly affordable price and proven quality. It might sound like the ideal choice, but metallized films come with certain issues.

Due to the metallic compounds in the film, metallized films might interfere with GPS signals, mobile phone signals, RFID Tag, and even your auto gate signal. The other problem with metallized films is corrosion. Corrosion happens when metal is exposed to water and air, causing a chemical reaction. It affects the appearance of the film and even the heat rejection performance.

Over time, the colour of the tint will change to purple or brown which eventually affects visibility. These are some things to consider if you are recommended a metallized film.

Better Heat Rejection Does Not Come From Super Dark Tint

Firstly, check the current tint regulations before applying, to prevent trouble with local authorities. The current regulations for tinting in Malaysia are — 70% VLT for the windscreen, 50% VLT for the front side windows and any percentage for the rear windows. A darker film does not necessarily reflect heat better than a clear film. Heat rejection is calculated based TSER. So, when choosing a film to cool your car, keep in mind that darker tint doesn’t mean better heat rejection.

So, please take note and do a little research before losing your hard earned money on low quality tint film that does not benefit you at all.

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