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Published on August 2nd, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Sime-Darby Motors Leading The Push For EV Infrastructure Rollout

Sime-Darby wants to make owning an EV in Malaysia a more seamless experience


Sime-Darby Motors Malaysia envisions a seamless experience for all electric vehicle (EV) owners in Malaysia and is working towards that by being at the forefront of EV infrastructure rollout in Malaysia.

This is a welcome effort as Malaysia is still severely lacking despite already improving vastly in terms of EV charging infrastructure over the past decade. This is why Sime-Darby is supporting the development of a highly efficient EV charging network for its range of brands.

Sime-Darby is playing its role in speeding up the adoption of more EVs in Malaysia, Sime-Darby is identifying locations for EV charging stations at every 200km to 300km intervals across highways in Peninsular Malaysia.

This is to ensure all densely packed areas are always close to a charging station, thus making long distance travel more convenient.


Another part of Sime-Darby’s efforts is ensuring the availability of innovative and convenient support services for all existing and new customers of Sime-Darby EVs.

Moreover, Auto BavariaBMW’s largest and oldest authorised dealership, is assisting Sime-Darby in this journey, by utilizing their own network of AC and DC fast chargers across 33 facilities operating in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor.

On top of that, Sime-Darby Motors announced that their own network of chargers is available for booking via the GO TO-U digital experience platform powered by a subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional berhadTNBX sdn bhd.

Sime-Darby Motors EV owners are also eligible to receive a 10-year waiver on membership fees as well as special rates on DC chargers and can use AC chargers for free until December 31, 2022.


Meanwhile, owners of EVs not purchased by Sime-Darby are entitled to receive a membership waiver fee, special DC charging rates and can utilize AC charging for free until the end of this year as well.

Jeffrey Gan, Sime Darby Motors Malaysia Retail & Distribution Managing Director said, “Sime Darby Motors remains focused on our energy-efficient drive as a leading automotive player in Malaysia. We are on track with our plans to populate our roads and highways with EV charging stations to help accelerate the adoption of EVs.”

He also stated, “We are also pleased to offer a uniquely Sime Darby Motors’ customer experience for Sime Darby Motors EV owners, which promises an enriching EV experience across all Sime Darby Motors brands.”

“This will be a game changer for our EV customers and for us as well, with data analytics that will be made available. We are excited to bring innovative automotive experiences to our customers as we play our part in furthering the country’s aspirations for a low carbon mobility future.” He added.


Do you think Sime-Darby can actually accelerate the adoption of EVs in Malaysia or are us Malaysians still too attached to our petrol engines?

More information below:-

List of Sime Darby Motors’ EV charging stations

No.LocationType of EV station /AC/DC 
Klang Valley
1.Auto Bavaria Ara DamansaraAC / DC
2.Auto Bavaria Kuala LumpurAC / DC
3.Auto Bavaria Sungai BesiAC / DC
4.Auto Bavaria Chan Sow LinAC
5.Auto Bavaria BalakongAC
7.Auto Bavaria PenangAC / DC
8.G Hotel Kelawai PenangAC
9.Queensbay Mall PenangAC
10.St. Giles Wembley Hotel PenangAC
11.Auto Bavaria TebrauAC / DC
12.Auto Bavaria Johor BahruAC / DC
13.DoubleTree Hotel Johor BahruAC

Special DC charging rates per minute (Until 31 December 2022)

Sime Darby Motors EV Owners
24KWRM0.20 / minute
60KWRM0.80 / minute
90KWRM1.20 / minute
Non-Sime Darby Motors EV Owners / Public Rates
24KWRM0.40 / minute
60KWRM1.20 / minute
90KWRM1.60 / minute

Interested customers may download the TNBX’s GO TO-U app with the following links or QR codes according to their mobile platform: on the Google Play Store or on the Apple App store.


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