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Published on September 28th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Honda Orders EV e-Axles From Hitachi Astemo

This indicated Honda is further expanding their electrification business

ACNNewswire reported that Honda Motor Co., Ltd., has just ordered electric axles (e-Axles) for mid-sized and large-sized battery-electric vehicles from Hitachi Astemo, Ltd. Slated for 1 2026 global rollout. Their article is linked here.


In this relationship, Hitachi Astemo serves as a systems integrator for Honda and will provide them with a high-performance, integrated drive unit with the e-Axle system combining a highly efficient, silicon carbide inverter. The inverter is a square wire, low-loss and high efficiency motor in a gearbox.

With the whole world working double time to achieve carbon neutrality and electric vehicles (EVs) playing a major role in that, the demand for e-Axles is projected to skyrocket. This is because they are compact, lightweight and easy and efficient to manufacture.

In response to this, Hitachi Astemo will rapidly expand sales of their in-house developped e-Axles to various carmakers across the globe. The brand will also supply motors and inverters for e-Axles.

Moreover, Hitachi Astemo aims to strengthen its position as a global leader in electrification by fully leveraging the synergies from their 2021 merger and take advantage of the integrated technologies and resources at their disposal. The brand also aims to invest 300 billion yen in R&D until the fiscal year 2025.

HR-V Bodykit

On top of that, the Hitachi Astemo R&D group has created an inverter with industry-leading power density thanks to its unique cooling power module, small and thin heat-dissipating insulation technology. The brand will also provide e-Axles at competitive prices by combining their technology with a gearbox manufacturer.

Hitachi Astemo is committed to strengthening its business and delivering technological innovation through a strategic business portfolio which consists of powertrains and safety systems, chassis, motorcycle, software and aftermarket businesses.

The company aims for a better environment globally and is focusing on growth in terms of going green, digitization and innovation. With this, Hitachi Astemo aims to build high efficiency internal combustion engines as well as electrical systems that reduce emissions or cut them out entirely.

They also aim to provide automakers with the tools they need for an improved and more comfortable autonomous driving system and advanced safety systems to provide customers with a more sustainable and enhanced experience.

Honda N-ONE

What do you think about this? Are you excited to see what Honda comes up with using this technology? I know I am.

Thank you ACNNewswire for the information and images.

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