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Published on September 2nd, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


This Is What The Alfa Romeo Spider May Have Looked Like

If the Alfa Romeo Spider were produced today, it would have looked like this

Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa Romeo is an Italian luxury car brand founded in 1910 and was originally called “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili.” This was later made into the acronym “ALFA” and thus Alfa Romeo was born and they produced the iconic Alfa Romeo Spider, a front engine rear-wheel drive two-seater roadster, from 1966 to 1994.

So a few years ago there were some pretty strong rumours about a deal between Alfa Romeo and Mazda (a Japanese automaker which many Malaysians see as a luxury or premium carmaker), making a deal where Alfa Romeo could rebadge the Mazda MX-5 as the new Alfa Romeo Spider as it was no longer being produced.

However, as exciting as this news was, negotiations, unfortunately, failed and so the Alfa Romeo Spider was never revived. Mazda did however go on to make a new generation of the MX-5 or the “miata,” as many affectionately refer to it and this MX-5 owner rebadged his car to give us a glimpse of what could have been.

Aside from rebadging and modifying the car, the owner of this MX-5 also replaced the rims with stylish black Alfa Romeo rims that look similar to the ones found on the Alfa Romeo Giulia and I have to say, I am truly a fan of how it looks. I’m honestly sad we will never see this version of the Alfa Romeo Spider as it looks stunning.

Now I know some purists will complain about rebadged cars but to that end, I was also a bit let down by Toyota when news surfaced that the current Toyota GR Supra would be a rebadged BMW Z4 but after seeing it and watching it tear up the track, It has grown on me.

Not all rebadged cars are bad, after all if a salty supra purist such as yours truly could learn to genuinely love the fifth generation Toyota Supra, then surely we can all learn to at least begrudgingly admire this rebadged Mazda MX-5 turned Alfa Romeo Spider, even if it isn’t an official Alfa Romeo product.

Still, this rebadged Alfa Romeo spider looks way too good to not be in production so I do hope that at some point, Alfa Romeo brings back the Alfa Romeo Spider.

Alfa Romeo Spider

Thank you Alfa Romeo Club UK for these gorgeous pictures as well. All credit for these images goes to Alfa Romeo Club UK as we do not own any of these pictures.

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