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Published on October 22nd, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Don’t Let Your Car Get Flooded This Year Please

We have seen more than enough flooded vehicles already and now it’s time to act before it happens.

We have seen in the news and also on social media the huge losses incurred by middle and lower middle income Malaysians when floods hit.

Flooded MPV

Homes, belongings and cars have been destroyed year after year and for some Malaysians this is a yearly ritual. Even when they know a flood is coming it seems like they cannot do anything but to go through the financial loss and misery over and over again.

Meanwhile, many Malaysian car owners still do not have flood insurance.

Fact, blaming the government and the town council will only leave you with a sore throat. While corrupt politicians promise a solution to get your vote for the coming election, the situation never changes and they continue to live on high ground and ride around in their expensive MPV’s.

Flooded Car

So, let’s look at ‘saving’ your car this coming flood season and not rely on the government to save you and your car.

Let’s start with car owners who live in flood prone areas. We saw thousands of flood damaged cars last year and till today many of these cars are still sitting outside workshops and in industrial areas waiting for a financial solution.

So, if you do live in a flood prone area and you cannot shift from your home for whatever the reason, here are some ideas to take note.

Please move your car to a friend or relative’s house which is not flood prone at all. Ok, so you will need to rely on public transport for this duration of time. Yes, it will be hard for a few days or a week to use public transport, but better than paying out thousands of Ringgit for flood repair on your car.

Flooded Damaged Cars in Malaysia

For business owners and bosses who know their employees are living in repeat flood prone areas, please allow them to work from home (like it was during Covic-19 lockdown). 

For bosses who know that the office area is prone to flooding, please start making plans for employees to start working from home (where possible) as you do not want them to drive to work and have their cars flooded in the office car park.

Bosses, think about it. Your employees will appreciate the fact (and also respect you) that they and their vehicles were safe and the worry about driving in and out of a flood is avoided.

Let’s work together to be safe and save money this coming flood season. We have already seen the devastation in southern Thailand and north Malaysia.

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