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Published on January 31st, 2022 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


What Has MAAri Done For Flood Hit Workshops

Are they not part of the automotive industry that needs assistance from MAAri?

We have seen how many Malaysians has lost their homes, belongings and vehicles in the recent flash floods. Almost all affected vehicle owners did not take the additional insurance coverage for flood damage and these vehicles are now sitting outside dozens of workshops waiting for their owners to find the money to restore their cars.

Meanwhile, many of the affected flash flood areas have car and motorcycle workshops and they too have been hit badly by these flash floods. The problem is, many of these workshop owners are small business owners and they are unable to restore the cars that were already sitting in their workshops for routine maintenance and repairs during the flash floods.

MAAri Done For Flood

These small workshop owners now might have to close down or declare bankruptcy. Then what will happen to the car owners who will be left with vehicles that cannot be used.

This is a tough situation and this is where an organization that is supposed to look after our stagnant automotive industry should be extending assistance in any possible way to keep these workshops open, running and ready to deliver vehicles back to their owners.

BHP_Euro5 Diesel_2021_Lexus NX

What An Automotive Agency Should Have Been Doing

MAAri is said to be training young Malaysians for the automotive industry. Why were these automotive students NOT brought in to assist these workshops to restore flood hit vehicles?

This would have been the BEST ‘on the job’ training for them and workshop owners would have been given the much needed manpower assistance to keep their business open and the customers will get their flooded cars restored faster and at lower costs.

MAAri could have also communicated with automotive colleges like Despark and TOC to bring in their students to assist these workshops which would have been great training for their automotive students.

MAAri should have immediately worked with spare parts wholesalers and the good people at the SpareXhub to get ageing vehicle parts for older flooded car owners to purchase at low prices.   

MAAri Done For Flood

What An Automotive Agency Should NOT Be Doing

This however is NOT happening and instead the Malaysian ‘automotive agency’, MAAri is busy looking at Unified e-commerce, e-commerce marketplace (signed with PH Empire Holdings Berhad which is listed as a wellness provider, not automotive provider), Covid-19 test kits and beauty products (once upon a time).  

Government agencies are set up to assist business owners and not look into new business opportunities that are not relevant to their relevant industry. MAARi is supposed to be involved in all things automotive and not the health and beauty industry.

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