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Published on November 4th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Futuristic Nissan Z GT4 Revealed

And it looks great inside and out

There are many sports cars in the pop culture hall of fame but one car has found itself in more forms of media than most and it is the Nissan Z series. Now Nissan Motor Co is continuing the legend of the car with Nissan Motorsports & Customizing Co., Ltd. (NMC) With the new Nissan Z GT4 based on the all-new Nissan Z.

Nissan Z

The Nissan GT4-spec racing models are usually based on production model cars which have been modified to suit extreme competition use. With that said, NMC’s Nismo Racing Division has taken the road going version of the new Nissan Z, an already acclaimed car across the world, and turned it into a racetrack machine.

Tuned with the VR30DDTT engine and a new optimized chassis and suspension along with better aerodynamics pushed to the limits with a new ultra futuristic, racing inspired cockpit suitable for all drivers, Nissan has created the perfect Nissan Z for both road and track use to please causal drivers and hard core racers alike.

Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta said, “Motorsports for Nissan is an expression of our passion and unrivaled expertise. The Nissan Z continues to maintain its position as an exciting sports car that fascinates drivers with its driving dynamics and flexible powertrain.”

“We are confident that this track-ready GT4-category Nissan Z will be ready to write another chapter in the Nissan Z’s 50-plus-year legacy of speed.” He added.

Nissan Z

Moreover, the new Nissan Z GT4 is not just all show and no go, it was developed at Nismo’s engineering facilities and has had multiple track sessions as well as been a test-vehicle in the Fuji 24 Hour Race in June 2022, and performed as additional Super Taikyu Series events at Motegi and more.

On top of that, the Nissan Z GT4 measures 4,380m long, 1,870mm wide, 1,315mm in height and has a 2,550mm wheelbase so it is also more or less the perfect size for everything except moving people. This makes it convenient to use as a daily driver as you can take it anywhere and not worry about parking it.

Nissan Z

Additionally, the tuned VR30DDTT 3.0 litre engine in the car puts out 450hp and 600Nm of torque so it is more than sufficient to have fun driving while on the road and on the track. And the superb interior only makes it all the more unique to drive for everyday errands and is bound to catch the attention of anyone nearby.

Nissan Z

What do you guys think of the Nissan Z GT4? Do you think it is as amazing as I do or are you a bit put off by the way the interior looks, particularly that extremely racing inspires steering wheel?

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