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Published on November 14th, 2022 | by Sounder Rajen


Morgan Plus Six Open For Booking In England

The Morgan Plus Six is a modern blast from the past

Morgan Motor Company has one simple philosophy, continual evolution. In line with that, the company is redefining their iconic Plus Six. These enhancements will be introduced as part of a formal recognition of a new ‘Plus’ line of cars which will be featured on all the company’s Plus Four and Plus Six models from January 2023.


The ‘Plus’ nameplate is the centrepiece of Morgan and is a core product along with the ‘Super’ nameplate. The ‘Plus’ name was first introduced in 1950 on the Plus Four and symbolizes over 70 years of heritage while looking to the future by incorporating new technology and reimagining a classic sports car for the modern world.

Moreover, the Morgan Plus models feature designs that are evergreen and are coach-built on the company’s lightweight CX-Generation bonded aluminium platform. The Morgan Plus Four has a narrower body and wire wheels to look more classic while the Morgan Plus Six has a wider body providing a more modern look and feel.


On top of that, all the new Morgan Plus models will come with heavily redesigned interiors which offer greater levels of refinement and increase their usability over time. What’s more, the steering wheel is now available with a satin polished centre section and this can also be specified to the speaker grille, door handle, handbrake and more.

Another cool feature in the interior of the Morgan Plus models is the two-tone fabric on the seats and door cards. Black is specified as standard and customers can choose between six other colour options to complete the two-tone look in a more personalized way. Each fabric is also paired to a complimentary leather colourway.


Additionally, being a sports car, the Morgan Plus line of vehicles is lightweight, fun to drive and looks unlike anything on the road today. The Plus models also benefit from the addition of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as well as an all-new braking system which was developed alongside Continental and AP Racing.

What’s more, in ‘normal’ mode, the Morgan Plus vehicles drive as smooth as any other car but in ‘Sport’ and ‘Sport +’ modes, the car becomes more dynamic and adds four calibrations on top of the initial four calibrations in normal mode, which were developed with BMW, to ensure the highest adaptability and driver control.

What do you guys think about the Morgan plus line of vehicles? With all the modern amenities like airbags and ESC on an outer shell that looks like it came straight out of Peaky Blinders, I think this car is the perfect blend of modern and classic.

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