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Published on November 24th, 2022 | by Subhash Nair


The 100,000th Polestar 2 Has Been Made Just 2.5 Years Into Production

The Polestar 2 reaches a significant production milestone.

Polestar has been on a role since the company was purchased by Volvo in 2015 and repurposed to serve as the electrified luxury-performance vehicle market. Their first venture, the Polestar 1, was a moderate success – serving as a limited edition PHEV coupé gran tourer. All 1,500 units were sold and the Polestar 1 served its role as a ‘hero’ product well.

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In mid-2020, the Polestar 2 went into production as the company’s first battery electric vehicle. This month, the company celebrates a milestone – 100,000 units of the Polestar 2 have been produced! 100,000 units in just 2 and a half years is no small feat, especially when you consider the premium positioning of the vehicle as well as the limited number of markets where it was sold. The Polestar 2 is available in just 27 markets worldwide.

What’s even more interesting is that just a few months ago in June 2022, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath mentioned in a press release that more than 55,000 Polestar vehicles are on the road today. Does this mean the company has effectively doubled the number of cars sold in its lifetime in under 6 months? That would be truly impressive.

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Polestar’s strategy has been to prioritise markets that are favourable to electric vehicle adoption. This year alone, Polestar has launched in UAE, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Ireland, Spain and Portugal, with Israel and Italy in the roadmap for 2022. Closer to home, Polestar has been quite successful in Singapore. It ranks in the top 5 premium EVs based on sales data up to October 2022. Since coming to the island nation in December 2021, the company has delivered some 152 vehicles.

Car no.100,000 is bound for Ireland and it will feature unique door labels to make it stand out. It has been optioned with 19″ ‘Thunder’ wheels and a Charcoal interior. The Polestar 2 supports Over-The-Air updates, meaning the oldest Polestar 2 can feel as ‘new’ as the latest one, as the experience is constantly updated for free. So far, the Polestar 2 has received some 13 OTA updates. Updates have enabled longer range, faster charging speeds, a new eco-climate function and optimised battery preconditioning.

Polestar 2 also was the first car in the world to introduce Android Automotive OS with Google built-in as its infotainment system. Among the new apps and features updated on this system: the Vivaldi Browser, A Better Routeplanner, EasyPark, as well as Polestar apps like Range Assistant, Performance and Video Player apps.

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