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Casio Celebrates 40 Years Of G-SHOCK With 6 Adventurer’s Stone Models

6 special stone-inspired models to celebrate 4 decades of G-Shock!

The Casio G-Shock brand has grown tremendously since it was first introduced in 1983. Today the brand is more popular than ever, especially in Malaysia.

Next year marks the brand’s 40th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. have launched a series of G-Shock watches with the ‘Adventurer’s Stone’ theme. There are six of them in total, each inspired by stoned used by adventurers to navigate since the Middle Ages.

Most of the watch models in this series feature a textured bezel (except the GM-5640GEM) so you can feel the rough surface of stone on your G-Shock. The top and sides are treated with hairline and mirror finishes.


Each is inspired by a different type of stone with colourful ion platings to reproduce the look of a particular mineral and the way it shines. The bands are colour-coordinated to the look of each watch.

These anniversary models all bear four stars on the band loop and the phrase “SINCE 1983” on the dial. There’s also the anniversary logo on the case back.

The GM-S5640GEM bezel is left untextured.

Here are the descriptions of each of the six Adventurer’s Stone models.

Six Adventurer’s Stone Models


This model begins with the GM-5600, and its original G-SHOCK form, and incorporates a design inspired by sunstone, a stone associated with “bringing about victory.”

Casio G-Shock Adventurer's Stone 40 years

The entire bezel is treated with rainbow-color ion plating, then sparsely masked and ion plated in black to reproduce sunstone’s multicolor shine, which changes depending on the viewing angle.


Based on the GM-110 with its distinctive dimensional dial, the GM-114GEM is inspired
by calcite. This stone is found in various hues and is said to “lead onward to success.”

After an initial overall ion plating in a gold color, the sides are masked at 5 and 10 o’clock
and the bezel is ion plated in black to achieve a two-tone look. To complement the calcite
motif, this model features a black band in textured resin.


The octagonal bezel and simple design of the popular GM-2100 takes on the look of cordierite, the stone associated with “showing the way.”

Beautiful cordierite blue is reproduced with a blue ion plated metal bezel and band made with the Garal molding technique that mixes two different colors of resin.


Based on the GM-S5600, the smaller version of the GM-5600, this design is inspired by translucent calcite.

Laser engraving is layered with rainbow ion plating on the bezel to recreate calcite’s crystalline pattern and its refracted light glow. The dial and band are decorated with the same pattern.


The GM-S110 is the base for this purple calcite-inspired model.

After an initial overall ion plating in purple, the sides are masked at 2 and 7 o’clock and the bezel is ion plated in gray, recreating the distinctive gorgeous purple of this form of calcite.


This model begins with the GM-S2100 and incorporates a design inspired by yellow-gold calcite.

The bezel is treated with ion plating in gold, while vapor deposition gives the dial and hour markers a similar color to recreate the clear yellow of this form of calcite.

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