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Audi activesphere Concept Previews Sleek Electric Off-Roader

The Audi activesphere concept looks like a future electric G Wagon competitor.

Audi showed the activesphere concept this week, the fourth of the ‘sphere’ concept model. This concept is a four-door crossover coupé. It’s based on Audi’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE) modular system. This platform is paired to a 100kWh battery that can charge from 5-80% in just 25 minutes. It has a maximum range of 600km. The Audi activesphere concept features motors on both axles and has a power output of 325kW and 720Nm of torque.

With its impressive ground clearance, large 22-inch wheels, and sportback rear that can turn into an open cargo bed at the touch of a button, the activesphere is perfect for transporting recreational equipment, such as e-bikes or water and winter sports gear.

The activesphere’s autonomous chauffeuring capability on suitable terrain gives drivers and passengers a new level of freedom, while the innovative operating concept, Audi dimensions, displays digital content in the occupants’ fields of vision in real time. High-tech headsets provide a view of the real environment and route, while displaying 3D content and interactive elements, allowing drivers to see all relevant information such as driving status and navigation.

Audi activesphere concept in the snow

The interior of the activesphere features a minimalist design, with headset users able to see control panels and other virtual displays in real time. This mixed reality optics gives users the ability to interact precisely with these real, yet invisible, touch-sensitive zones, as the headsets display and carry out functions by reacting in real time when users touch them.

The activesphere concept was designed at the Audi Design Studio in Malibu, California, by a team of creative minds who aimed to create a versatile car that would be perfect for a future-oriented generation of Audi customers. The car’s elegant design, combined with its future-oriented technology, make it a fascinating vision of what a luxury car can be.

The Audi activesphere concept is a member of the premium segment, measuring 4.98 meters in length, 2.07 meters in width, and 1.60 meters in height. The generous wheelbase of 2.97 meters provides ample legroom for passengers, while the short front and rear overhangs give the vehicle a compact and monolithic appearance.

The smooth transitions between convex and concave surfaces throughout the body result in soft shadows, and the rear wheel wells appear horizontal, emphasizing the car’s dynamic potential. Glass surfaces are a significant part of the body, including the front Singleframe, lower door areas, tailgate, and even the roof, providing an unobstructed view and ample light into the interior.


The exterior look emphasizes the car’s off-road capability and its variable, electronically controlled quattro all-wheel drive. The variable ground clearance can be increased or lowered by 40 millimeters, benefiting both the center of gravity and aerodynamics.

The activesphere is the first car with a Sportback hatchback to incorporate the design and technical features of an allroad, which has been a popular model family since 2000. The activesphere features dark, high-gloss paint finishes in Arctic Teal, matte surfaces, and metal strips with vertical studs that are integrated when the ground clearance is increased. The doors attach to the A- and C-pillars at the front and rear and open in opposite directions, offering an open interior space.

The headlight units appear like focused eyes and have a new digital light signature, the Audi eye, which varies between on-road and off-road driving modes. The daytime running lights and rear lights use ultra-fine micro-LED technology for greater precision and contrast. Overall, the Audi activesphere concept is a versatile and stylish vehicle that combines off-road capability with a premium appearance.

The Audi activesphere concept is a boundary-crossing car that is a master of transformation. Its rear section, in particular, reflects the active lifestyle of its customers and can transport even bulky sports gear without sacrificing the elegance and sportiness of the Sportback silhouette. The transparent rear window slides almost flush with the roof when needed and the lower, vertical segment of the rear folds horizontally to create an ample cargo bed called the active back. The lateral surfaces of the rear, the C-pillars, stay in position to preserve the activesphere’s dynamic silhouette. Meanwhile, a motorized bulkhead deploys from behind the rear seats to isolate the cabin from the elements.

The “Sphere” sets the tone for the interior. The common name component of the Audi skysphere, grandsphere, urbansphere, and now activesphere, alludes to the interior. Rather than focusing on kilowatts and km/h, the interior, the occupants’ living and experience sphere while traveling, is the starting point of the design. The interior’s design, architecture, and functions shape the space based on the occupants’ needs and desires.

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