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Published on January 12th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Could The Wuling Bingo Be Just What Malaysia Needs In 2023?

So the Wuling Bingo, a small four seater hatchback, was exposed by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and is expected to go on sale in China somewhere in the first quarter of the year from roughly RMB80,000 to RMB120,000 (about USD11,240 to USD16,850).

Wuling Bingo

So with the Wuling Bingo set to go on sale with its compact form factor and cute proportions paired with its smart styling, could this be the new car in 2023 that we need in Malaysia? After all, with the cost of living rising exponentially, a cheaper option for youngsters and first time buyers will really go a long way.

Moreover, the Wuling Bingo measures 3,950mm long, 1,708mm wide, 1,580mm long and has a wheelbase of 2,560mm. These compact dimensions make the car perfect for city driving and new drivers as it will be easy to park and can easily maneuver its way through narrow roads. It is also an electric vehicle (EV) powered by lithium ion phosphate batteries so it can help save a lot on fuel.

Wuling Bingo

On top of that, there are supposed to be two variants of the Wuling Bingo, the first equipped with a 17.3kWh batter making 30kW of power and good for a range of 203km while the second variant is powered by a 31.9kWh batter making 50kW of power and having a 333km range. Top speed for both variants is 100km/h.

Furthermore, being an EV, the Wuling Bingo does not have a traditional front grille but has a more Tesla styled closed front grille. The overall shape of the car is also cute and very rounded and it features some rather quirky looking wheels. The car also has large windows which should help with visibility for new drivers.


Additionally, the Wuling Bingo also has its charging port on the front end of the car in typical EV fashion and also comes with the option of having a black or white colored roof. This adds an element of sportiness to the car depending on the chosen color scheme or it could make the car look cuter too.

Speaking of sporty, the Wuling Bingo also comes with an integrated roof spoiler in the back and I am fairly certain that there will be many aftermarket options to enhance the sportiness and styling of the car such as more aggressive bumpers and a much larger rear spoiler (a.k.a a big wing).

Either way, the Wuling Bingo is a really enticing car and it checks all the same boxes that the Perodua Myvi does except for having a third seat in the rear cabin and overall, fits the same niche. However if Wuling can bring this car into Malaysia at a lower price than the Myvi then it could see massive sales.

What do you guys think of the Wuling Bingo? Would you like to see it in Malaysia?

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