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Published on January 10th, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


PROTON X70 Used Buy Makes No Sense With LOW Depreciation

Looking at the Proton X70 used values right now it is better to buy new.

In the past few months, before 2022 ended, there were a number of requests from readers and BFM Cruise Control show listeners asking us to provide some advice on buying a used SUV that was not too old and all the better if it still had a running factory warranty.

This meant looking for used SUV’s that were between 3 to 5 years old and with depreciation of more than 25 percent.

X70 Used

We looked through the various online used car classifieds and came across a number of possibilities based on the budgets provided by each individual person.

Most had a budget of below RM100k and so we offered a few possibilities like the Subaru XV, Mazda CX-5, Nissan X-Trail and the Mitsubishi Outlander.

With slightly higher budgets we suggested to look at the Subaru Forester, BMW X1 and Honda CR-V.

Proton X70 Used

Then one request came in asking if a used Proton X70 was worth looking at. Honestly, this SUV never crossed our mind as this very popular SUV seems to be plagued with after sales issues (which are being solved as you read this) and some parts and technology issues with the ‘Hi Proton’ system.

Still, this request prompted us to start checking online and we found some 2019 used Proton X70 1.8 TGDI Premium models selling from RM76,000 to RM88,000. Now the large price variation from the same year vehicle could be due to mileage or even cabin condition as some of these X70 cabins have had plastic fatigue and worn knobs and buttons like in many high end European luxury vehicles after 4-5 years.

X70 Used with huge discount
X70 Used Being Given A Huge Discount ….. Why?

The common excuse given by the after sales people of these brands is the Malaysian sun. But the reality is low quality plastics as we have 4 older Japanese and also German cars in our garage (all past 20 years) and not a single one have cabin issues like with cars from the last decade.

X70 Used Buy Guide
X70 Used Priced To Close To A Brand New Unit

So, with this relatively low depreciation for the Proton X70 and the possible after sales issues that could crop up, we suggest looking at buying a brand new X70 with full new warranty and after sales and also the asking price for a brand new X70 starts from just RM105,500 to RM121,800. The new X70 lineup and prices looks like this:

1.5 TGDi Standard 2WD RM93,900

1.5 TGDi Executive 2WD RM105,500

1.5 TGDi Executive AWD RM111,300

1.5 TGDi Premium 2WD RM117,900

1.8 TGDi Premium 2WD RM121,800

Interestingly, Proton recently started their very own Certified Pre-Owned vehicles with a one year warranty provided. Visit them to find out more.

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