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Published on February 8th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Shell Malaysia Launches New And improved Shell FuelSave 95

The new Shell FuelSave 95 now takes you 15km further and more

The fuel you use is very important, after all, it can determine how well your car performs, how efficiently it uses the fuel and the reliability of your car in the long run. This is why choosing the right fuel is more important than one might think and the new and improved Shell FuelSave 95 helps make this choice easier for you.


So Shell Malaysia launched the new and improved Shell FuelSave 95 today and among a bunch of other improvements it can provide to your vehicle, the most notable reason to choose this fuel is that the new (top secret) chemical composition used can give your car up to 15km more range on a single tank.

Yes, you read that right, 15km, but just how much is 15km? Well, it is the length of the first Penang Bridge. 15km is also the same length as 35 KL towers stacked one on top of each other. 15km is also the same length as crossing the Johor causeway to Singapore 14 times. So how much is 15km? Evidently, a lot.

On top of that, Seow Lee Ming, General Manager of Mobility, Shell, Malaysia, at the launch event stated, “Shell continuously strives to innovate and enhance our offerings for the benefit of our customers.”

“Better By Far is our promise of never stopping and always innovating new mobility solutions to match the evolving customers’ needs. Our New + Improved Shell FuelSave 95 now lasts up to 15km longer per tank so our customers can enjoy longer uninterrupted drives per tank.” She added.

Moreover, the new Shell FuelSave 95 is the result of five years of extensive research and tests done by 150 passionate scientists which is indeed better by far. This is evident from the fact that in addition to providing 15km more range, this fuel also makes your engine more efficient over time.

How does the new and improved Shell FuelSave 95 make your engine more efficient? It uses a new chemical composition that targets deposit in your engine to clean your engine over time while also protecting against corrosion and preventing further deposit build up.


The best part is, this new and improved Shell FuelSave 95 is compatible with both older and newer engines as well as hybrid engines as well. This means that the feature that protects the critical parts of the engine works on any and every kind of engine and it does not cost even 1 cent more than before. How crazy is that?


So if you didn’t know which fuel would be best for your car, then you do now, so head on over to your nearest Shell petrol station and give your engine the new and improved Shell FuelSave 95, which is better by far.

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