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Casio G-Squad GBD-H2000 Launched In Malaysia For RM1995

The Casio G-SQUAD GBD-H2000 is a new sports driven watch with six sensors, sleep tracking, GPS and more.

Casio Malaysia has just released the GBD-H2000, the newest addition to the sports-driven G-SQUAD line in the G-SHOCK family of shock-resistant watches. This new watch boasts support for multiple sports, a lighter weight, and a more comfortable fit. With four models to choose from, the GBD-H2000 is a great choice for those looking to track their fitness and performance.

Equipped with GPS functionality and six sensors, including an optical sensor to measure heart rate, a compass, altitude/air pressure sensor, thermo sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope, the GBD-H2000 provides support for a wide range of sports activities.

With its high-end technologies, this watch can measure distance, speed, pace, and more to support activities from running and biking to swimming.

Training analysis functions are included, along with these activity measurements. Developed by Polar Electro Oy, a pioneer in the industry with nearly 50 years of experience in personalized guidance in fitness, sport, and health, these algorithms measure the burden on the heart and lungs, analyze ratios of energy used separately for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and perform sleep tracking.

Pairing the watch with the dedicated CASIO WATCHES app allows users to review training data from the watch in greater detail, accessing activity logs, advice on improving sleep, and more. Solar-assisted charging is also included to improve ease of use, offering time display powered by solar charging even when the battery runs low.

One of the notable features of the GBD-H2000 is its lighter weight. Casio achieved this lighter weight design by creating a more compact case with a built-in GPS antenna and carbon fiber-reinforced case back. The result is an even more comfortable fit on the wrist that does not interfere with arm motion.

The case, bezel, and band are made with biomass plastics, an eco-friendly material produced using raw materials from castor seeds and corn. Produced from renewable resources, biomass plastics are expected to help promote the shift to circular economies and curb CO2 emissions.

Casio G-Squad GBD-H2000 watch

The GBD-H2000 offers support for eight different activities, including running, biking, open water swimming, pool swimming, walking, trail running, gym workouts, and interval training. With its advanced features and training analysis capabilities, this watch is a great choice for anyone looking to track their fitness and performance.


At a price of RM1995, the GBD-H2000 is an investment in your health and well-being.

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