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Nissan Makes Prototype Contemporary Lifestyle Vehicle Based On Current Skyline Sedan

Nissan made a Contemporary Lifestyle Vehicle out of the current Skyline.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of its Contemporary Lifestyle Vehicle, a prototype sedan packed with approximately 30 devices, available for display at the Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery from March 24 to April 2. This prototype is the result of a bricolage approach that blends free ideas and ingenuity with a fusion of AI to create surprising functions that make daily experiences more comfortable.

The Contemporary Lifestyle Vehicle is a modern interpretation of the idea of eating, sleeping, and playing in a sedan, and it is based on the current Skyline. The vehicle’s design and functionality were not compromised while creating usability through trial and error, resulting in features beyond expectation.

Nissan believes that adopting a bricolage approach instead of the conventional engineering process allows for optimal and efficient achievement of set goals, creating something innovative.

Nissan Skyline prototype

Tetsuro Ueda, a leader in Nissan’s Mobility & AI Laboratory, expressed Nissan’s corporate purpose of innovation to enrich people’s lives. This innovation is not limited to advanced technologies such as electrification and intelligence, but it is also about finding new possibilities in what already exists, making experiences more pleasant.


He added that bricolage is well-suited for this kind of innovation and that it was a lot of fun for the team to prototype. They believe that innovation from bricolage can effectively address sustainability issues.

The Contemporary Lifestyle Vehicle is just the first step in demonstrating the impact of bricolage on manufacturing. Nissan will continue to explore innovations and deliver excitement. You can view the prototype on Nissan’s YouTube channel starting today.

This innovative prototype sedan is a perfect example of how thinking outside the box can lead to surprising and unexpected results.

By adopting a bricolage approach, Nissan has managed to create a vehicle that is both functional and stylish, offering its users a unique and comfortable experience. We look forward to seeing more from Nissan and their bricolage approach in the future.

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