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Published on March 21st, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Toyota Vios Fastback 2023 Model Arrives With RM89,800 Price Tag

The Toyota Vios, one of Malaysia’s best-selling model in the non-national segment, begins
its fourth generation this month.

To date, over 505,000 units have been sold nationwide since the first generation was launched in 2003 as the entry-level model to the Toyota family.

The popularity of the Vios which has made it such a success in Malaysia and the ASEAN
region has due to meeting consumer expectations such as excellent fuel economy, low cost
of maintenance and most important of all, great value for money. And of course, there’s also
renowned Quality, Durability and Reliability which applies equally to every model in the
Toyota range as well.

In developing this new generation, Toyota, as always, listened to feedback from its
customers to understand their expectations and needs. This was particularly important
because todays’ generation of car-buyers have new and more demanding expectations,
even of an entry-level model like the Vios.

The main objectives of the project team were to offer a more stylish design and improve
upon performance and safety to make the new Vios a superior model in its segment which is
very competitive. It will maintain the Vios as a ‘proud to own’ car that appeals to a wide
segment of the Malaysian population.

For the new Vios, two variants are offered – the Vios 1.5G with Advanced features and the
Vios 1.5E which has excellent value. Both variants use the same proven 1.5-litre VVT-i
engine with a new CVT for more efficient performance. The standard equipment and
features have become more extensive while the look and feel of the interior gives a sense of
higher quality.

Assembled locally at Assembly Services Sdn Bhd, UMW Toyota Motor’s own plant in
Selangor, the Vios is available with a choice of 5 exterior colours. These are Platinum White
Pearl, Silver Metallic, Nebula Blue Metallic, Attitude Black and Spicy Scarlet which is a brand
new choice.

From any angle, it will be clear that the new Vios has a design that is a total departure from
before. The ‘Power Design’ theme is expressed through the fastback silhouette which, with
the lower stance, gives a sportier image. The longer wheelbase (+70 mm) as well as the
large-diameter wheels at each corner add to the stronger presence of the model.
While the wheelbase has been extended to 2620 mm, the dimensions of the Vios are only
marginally increased due to the shortening of the overhangs front and rear. The overall
length is now 4425 mm, an increase of 5 mm, while the overall width of 1740 mm is just 10
mm more than before.

The frontal appearance has a more powerful look with sleek LED headlamps on either side.
The daytime running light are now within each unit for a more integrated look. As before, the
headlamps have adjustable levelling to suit different loads and achieve an optimum beam
angle that does not disturb oncoming motorists. There is also a ‘Follow-Me-Home’ feature which keeps the lights on for a short while to illuminate the area ahead of the car for the convenience of the driver and passengers.

At the rear, the combination lamp units are sleek and minimalistic for a modern look. LEDs
are used for better illumination as well as quicker light-up time. The turn signal lights have a
classier look with their sequential display, a feature usually found on more expensive cars.
The shape of the new Vios body has been refined in the wind tunnel to achieve the best
aerodynamic efficiency. This is important not only for fuel efficiency but also stability at
higher speeds and a more comfortable journey with lower noise levels.

Besides the aerodynamically optimised form, there are also feature such as spats in certain
areas to guide airflow and air vents to enhance cooling performance of the brakes. The rear
air spats control and suppress airflow on the tyres and accelerates underside flow to balance
with upper side, benefitting stability.

The Aeroblades for the windscreen wipers are also specially designed for less wind
resistance, contributing to better aerodynamics. For the Vios 1.5G, there is the convenience
of an Auto Rain Sensing Wiper system which will automatically activate the windscreen
wipers when rain begins to fall on the glass.

New designs are used for the alloy wheels which are 17 inches for the Vios 1.5G and 16
inches for the Vios 1.5E. The larger wheels are fitted with 205/60 tyres while the smaller
ones have a 195/60 size. To save weight, there is no spare tyre but a Tyre Repair Kit is
provided which can be used to repair punctures and enable continuation of the journey. The
omission of the spare tyre is also done from the point of view of safety and convenience for
the driver.

The new Vios has an all-new platform. The new platform has been developed with weight-
saving approaches without sacrificing rigidity and strength. The architecture encompasses
the suspension elements as well to achieve class-leading stability and comfort. The
suspension – comprising front MacPherson struts and a rear torsion beam – provides nimble
handling and excellent straight-line stability.

For safe and sure stopping power, the brake system on the Vios 1.5G has disc brakes on
both the front and rear wheels. This variant also comes with an Electronic Parking Brake and
Auto Brake Hold for more convenient operation.

The cabin of the new Vios has been completed redesigned, taking into account the
advantages offered by the new platform DNGA. The longer wheelbase has also allowed for
better comfort with increased spaciousness, especially for the rear passengers who get
more head room, hip room and shoulder room. The headrest shape and position are also
optimized to ensure maximum support when seated and ease when getting in and out.

The front seats have also been redesigned for better support to reduce
fatigue, especially on long journeys. Leather is used for the seat upholstery
of the Vios 1.5G and adopts the global trends of small patterns and a 3D yarn structure. This
gives a sense of premium quality which is stronger than before.

Also enhancing the premium environment within is 64-colour ambient lighting, usually
offered in more expensive models. With the Vios 1.5G, up to 64 colours can be chosen for
the ambient lighting to suit different moods or preferences. The ambient lighting is around
the centre console and side pocket and is easily set with a switch. To complement this
feature are illuminated scuff plates on each door sill & front footwell lighting.

The new dashboard design is sleek and wide with a continuous form from door to door. 2-
Tone Dark brown accents and soft padding give the impression of a high-end sedan. The
cockpit is driver-oriented, with all controls and switches within easy reach. For the Vios 1.5G,
there is a digital instrument panel which can be customised while the Vios 1.5E is fitted with
a Optitron meters that are bright and clear. The Multi-Information Display (7 inches for the
Vios 1.5G, 4.2 inches for the Vios 1.5E) provides the driver with all the necessary
information which can be selected using switches on the steering wheel.

The steering wheel now has tilt as well as telescopic adjustment for Vios 1.5G, making it
possible to suit drivers of different heights so that each driver can have optimum control and
comfort. The switches on each side of the steering wheel are arranged in an intuitive layout
for ease of operation and use without having to take the hands off the steering wheel.

At the centre of the dashboard, the 9-inch touchscreen display panel is used for the audio
system and infotainment system as well as the 3D Panoramic View Monitor (PVM). With
wireless Android Auto TM and Apple CarPlay, smartphone apps (Waze, Spotify, etc) can be
easily transferred to the screen and used from there. A storage space for a smartphone is
available below the air-conditioner controls. Three USB charging points are provided, where
the Rear USB Port is fast charging with one being Type-C for newer devices.

The redesigned console box between the front seats has a storage compartment and also
serves as an armrest for a comfortable journey. Additionally, there is a side pocket for small
items such as keys or toll cards. There are also other storage spaces around the cabin,
including the doors where drink bottles can be stowed.

The occupants of the Vios 1.5G can now travel in greater comfort with the fully automatic air
conditioning system that controls the temperature and volume of airflow. The cabin
temperature is maintained at the desired level with air flowing around through the use of
different vents. New for this model is the provision of rear air-cond vents behind the centre
console box to bring cool air to the back.

Both Vios variants now come with a Front Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with Smartphone
Connectivity which will be useful for recording journeys as well as having recorded evidence
of an incident in the event of a dispute.

As before, the Vios comes with the convenience of a Smart Entry & Push Start System,
making it unnecessary to use a key or even press the key fob. For the latest generation, the
Smart Entry system has been upgraded with a Touch Sensor on the door handle. Just a
touch on the sensor will lock/unlock the doors. For peace of mind, if the remote-control key
fob is not taken out by the driver, the Smart Entry system will not allow the doors to be

Despite the sleek fastback design, the luggage space in the new Vios is enlarged compared
to the previous generation. It now has a volume of 475 litres with a depth of 1,060 mm for
long items or large suitcases. A waterproof luggage tray is also provided which covers the
whole boot floor so that wet items will not spoil the carpet and it is also easy to wash when

The new Vios is powered by the latest 2NR-VE Dual VVT-i 4-cylinder 16-valve DOHC
engine. Engine response has been improved compared to the engine used previously, with
maximum power rated at 106 PS at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 138Nm at 4,200 rpm.
3 Drive Modes – NORMAL, ECO and – can be selected by the driver to suit different driving
conditions or personal preferences.

Power delivery to the front wheels goes through a brand new continuously variable
transmission (CVT). This is a 7-speed CVT with Sequential Shiftmatic transmission which
has a manual mode for the driver to select the virtual gears using paddle shifters (1.5G) or
the shift lever. The Split Mode of operation of the CVT optimises performance for maximum
fuel efficiency and dynamic performance.

Toyota has always given top priority to occupant safety when designing its vehicles. The
new Vios is no exception and fully complies with the current safety regulations in Malaysia.
While the new platform enhances the strength and rigidity of the structure for better Passive
Safety during an accident, Active Safety has been greatly improved in the new Vios with
Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), an integrated suite of active safety systems.

In the past, active safety systems functioned independently to provide stability, grip, control
and braking. With TSS, some systems are integrated and use a Stereo camera mounted on
the top of the windscreen to monitor the road ahead for the on-board computer to assess the
situation. In the event that there is a risk of a collision with another vehicle or pedestrian, the
system will alert the driver. If no action is taken by the driver, Pre-Collision Braking will be
activated to prevent the collision or reduce the effects of the impact.

Besides Pre-Collision Braking, which is part of the Pre-Collision System (PCS), there are
also systems to help keep the car safely within its lane, Lane Departure Warning (LDW).
Using road markings as a reference, the system will alert the driver if the car is moving out of
its lane – which could lead to a collision with other vehicles. If the driver does not act to bring
the car back to its lane, then the Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) system will apply a gentle
force to the steering to guide the car back. There’s also Front Departure Alert which lets the
driver know when the car ahead moves off during stops.

Additional features for TSS in the Vios 1.5G is Lane Keeping Control (LKC) which helps to
keep the car within its lane while in motion. This can reduce fatigue on long journeys as the driver will not have to keep adjusting the steering wheel, Adaptive Cruise Control (a more intelligent form of cruise control), and Auto High Beam which automatically switches between High and Low beams when necessary.

A new safety feature is Pedal Misoperation Control (PMC). This may seem unnecessary but
there are cases where a driver may accidentally press on the accelerator pedal and crash
into a wall. To reduce this risk or prevent serious damage, PMC will suppress engine output
if an obstacle like a wall is detected ahead when the pedal is depressed. If necessary, the
brakes will also be applied.

The areas behind and along the sides of the car are blind spots where the driver may not be
able to spot other vehicles. To alert the driver or vehicles in the blind spot, there is a Blind
Spot Monitor on both sides which will warn via an indicator on the door mirrors. Additionally,
during reversing, sensors will monitor both sides of the car and alert the driver if there is a
vehicle approaching. Reversing manoeuvres are also helped by the higher definition 3D

Included in the new Vios is a Vehicle Telematics System (VTS) which can constantly track
the car’s location using GPS/GSM signals. This will enable it to be located if it is stolen so
faster recovery by the police is possible.

The owner can use a proprietary app installed on a smartphone or tablet to view information on the vehicle’s location. Besides location, the app will also provide and record information on vehicle speeds and other operating conditions, with data sent by email to a designated user.

Owners are assured of privacy as the 24-hour Command Centre does not continuously
monitor vehicle movements. It will only access such information when contacted by an
owner via a dedicated phone number. VTS will be available at no charge for the first three
years of ownership.

Premium Security & Solar Film is also installed on all glass surfaces. These not only improve
comfort by preventing heat transmission into the cabin but also strengthen the glass to resist
against breakage.

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