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Published on April 13th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Hennessey Unveils Apex Track-Focused Venom F5 ‘Revolution’ Hypercar

The Hennessey F5 Revolution is limited to only 24 units globally

Texas based hypercar maker, Hennessey, has been one of the more fearsome hypercar makers of recent years as its cars (mostly tune ups of other cars) have been some of thee fastest mass market (sort of) cars in the world, now the brand is about to go exclusive as well with its latest hypercar, the F5 Revolution.

With the Hennessey Venom F5 being the most famous car from the brand by far, it is the perfect choice for what is perhaps the brand’s most potent hypercar to date. The new Revolution is essentially a lighter, track-focused version of the Venom but this car is also something else entirely, the apex predator on a racetrack.

Moreover, the the Hennessey F5 Revolution also features a completely different set of aerodynamics, suspension, engine cooling, and digital telemetry from the Venom as well and as a result of the brand’s heavy focus on weight reduction, the Revolution model is the lightest Venom F5 model weighing less than 1,360 kg.

John ‘Heinrocket’ Heinricy, chief engineer, said, “I led engineering on some of the most extreme cars to come out of GM, including the Corvette Z06 and Cadillac CTS-V, but nothing compares to designing, developing, and refining a race car for the road like the Venom F5 Revolution.”

“From the outset, we designed the Venom F5 hypercar to be ultra-light and monstrously powerful, with dynamics to match. So, taking these ingredients and adding track-focused aerodynamics, suspension, and gearing, enabled us to create a machine that is the ultimate visceral and emotional driving experience.” He added.

The Hennessey F5 Revolution is powered by the twin-turbocharged, 6.6-liter, ‘Fury’ V8 engine (also used in the Venom F5), making 1,817bhp and 2,192Nm of torque sent to the rear wheels. It also features a full-width rear carbon fiber wing delivering more than 363kg of downforce at 300 km/h and over 635kg of downforce at 400 km/h.

On top of that, the Hennessey F5 Revolution is a serious beast and is truly the apex of track focused cars as the humble rear-wheel drive V8 powered hypercar has a top speed of 482km/h and can blast off from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.6 seconds. Note that these are just the numbers Hennessey claims so the numbers may just be a lot higher.

John Hennessey, founder and CEO also stated, “The new Venom F5 Revolution Coupe combines our outstanding 1,817 bhp V8 ‘Fury’ combustion engine with our lightest and most capable chassis. The hypercar, which is astoundingly fast, is at home on a racing circuit where utmost handling is paramount – it offers the nimbleness of a fighter jet, yet with a powerplant like a Saturn V rocket!”

The Hennessey F5 Revolution debuted at the Miami Motorcar Cavalcade Concours d’Elegance on 15 January 2023 and is limited to only 24 units globally each costing USD2.7 million (RM11,913,750) and since some models were already pre-sold to loyal Hennessey customers, they are sadly, probably all sold out now.

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