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Published on May 17th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


BMW 7 Series Seemingly Crashes Itself Into Perodua Bezza In Mersing, Johor

Is this a faulty self driving failure or was the BMW driver just careless?

So a short video has been making the rounds on Facebook of what seems to be a BMW 7 Series sedan which may have lost control and ended up crashing into a parked Perodua Bezza at Mersing, Johor. The strange thing is that the car door was still open when it crashed which some say should be impossible. So what happened here?


Well, since the video of the incident is of a low quality, it is hard to make out finer details, but we can see a man who is presumably the owner of the BMW 7 Series in question (number plate IQ 282) get into his car and before he even had a chance to close the door, the car just launches itself forward, crashing into the parked blue Perodua Bezza.

Moreover, we can also see that this may have taken the BMW owner by surprise as he did not fully close the door at all and instead it was slammed shut after colliding with the Perodua Bezza before it was brought to a stop. The driver was then seen coming out on the passenger side and thankfully, it looks like no one was seriously injured or killed.


So what exactly happened, then? Was this a case of faulty self driving systems? Perhaps it was human error? After all, many drivers tend to be quite negligent these days? Well nothing has been confirmed yet and even the comment section of the video on Facebook is full of trolls making fun of BMW and BMW drivers so we don’t know for sure.

This means that your guess is as good as mine, but I would assume that the BMW self driving or cruise control may have automatically engaged after the driver sat down. I assume this is the case as the driver seemed to be shocked when the car started moving. Now again, the video quality is horrendous so I may be wrong, but it sure seemed that way to me.

Of course the BMW driver may have just accidentally stepped on the accelerator but since the door was open and I assume the parking brake was still engaged, this seems less likely than the system failure scenario to me but what do you guys think? Was this a faulty system issue or just human error?

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