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Published on June 9th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Ever Wanted A Sunroof On Your Toyota Vios? Here’s How It Would Look

Now your Toyota Vios can look more sporty and be more bright as well

Okay, so today the Tokyo Auto Salon Kuala Lumpur 2023 starts today and it features a wide selection of classic and modern Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) as well as Japanese cars. While it also features a few American and European cars, one car in particular, a special, modified Toyota Vios, really caught my eye. Let’s talk about it.

Moreover, the Toyota Vios is one of the more popular Japanese cars in Malaysia as it is well equipped, fuel efficient, spacious and affordable (all new cars are more expensive than before, so don’ argue with me on this). With so many of these cars on the road, how would yours stand out? Here’s how I think one could do it tastefully.


This particular Toyota Vios we saw on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon, which is located at Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) features a few minor changes that make a big difference in how the car looks and even has a fully functioning sunroof which really made it look great.

On top of that, this Toyota Vios also featured a bunch of carbon fiber bits such as a fully carbon fiber bonnet, a carbon fiber front splitter, a carbon fiber rear wing and rear spoiler, carbon fiber door handle and fuel cap as well as some body panels and wing mirrors also being carbon fiber.

Aside from that, the Toyota Vios also features smoked out taillights and a few other upgrades including a sporty rear diffuser as well as twin Akrapovic exhaust pipes, which I reckon will sound amazing. To my knowledge, the engine remains unchanged but it probably still sounds fantastic.

While the changes to the car including the sunroof, which will make the entire cabin much brighter and airier, thus less stuffy and more pleasant to ride in, are minimal, they certainly go a long way in making this car look so much better than any other Vios on the road, even for a GR Sport spec Vios.


So be sure to check out Tokyo Auto Salon Kuala Lumpur 2023 if you want to see this and many other cool cars from today (9 June 2023) to Sunday (11 June 2023) at MITEC.

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