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Published on June 29th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Police To Conduct Integrated Traffic Operations To Curb Traffic Offences

Will the police focus on and stop the traffic offences that matter though?

It has been reported that the Kuala Lumpur (KL) Police will be conducting a massive integrated traffic operation to curb various traffic offences, in collaboration with other enforcement agencies starting 1 July 2023, however, one has to question whether this will give us any worthwhile results as it seems the police are not targeting any offences that actually matter. Lets explore.


Kuala Lumpur Police chief Datuk Mohd Shuhaily Mohd Zin said the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department will work with the Road Transport Department (RTD), Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and the Department of Environment (DOE) in an effort to curb several traffic offences on our roads.

Moreover, Datuk Mohd Shuhaily, stated during the Kuala Lumpur Police Obey Traffic Rules Operation participated by the other agencies at the KL Police Contingent Headquarters here today, “This operation will involve about 1,000 officers and police personnel with the respective agencies focusing on the offences under their own jurisdiction.”

Moreover, the traffic offences being targeted according to Datuk Mohd Shuhaily include illegal parking, obstruction of traffic, running red lights, illegal number plates, illegal tinting and various offences related to motorcycles. Note how vague the last statement regarding motorcycles was. Why is that?

While Datuk Mohd Shuhaily said errant road users would also be educated on the dangers of not obeying traffic rules under Op Didik, what of bikers who run redlights, or bikers who never wear helmets or even parents who have toddlers on their lap on front seats (that last one goes for cars as well). Aren’t these offences far more serious than the offences Datuk Mohd Shuhaily listed?

illegal tint

Anyone who drives a car on our roads will know that while there are obviously too many errant drivers who pose a danger on the road, more often than not, it is the hubris and recklessness of motorcyclists that are more dangerous. In fact, I was having a conversation about this with a few friends a while ago and we all agree that we see more dangerous motorcyclists than drivers.

Datuk Mohd Shuhaily said the exercise is intended to prevent such offences from going out of control and causing accidents, and even said, “The nature of this operation is to discipline, educate and advise road users to obey all traffic rules as well as the rules of the other enforcement agencies involved.” whether he means it or not remains to be seen though.

One thing is for certain, if the police aim to stop traffic offences in Malaysia, they have their work cut out for them and from my personal experience, some motorcyclists tend to do reckless things every day and blame drivers when something goes wrong. Have any of you experienced something similar?


We got all this from Bernama and their full article is linked here. Thank you Bernama for the information.

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