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Published on June 12th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


RSMC Hosts 6th Women’s Street Crime Awareness Campaign

RSMC also hosted the Iron Lady Awards 2023 in tandem with this

The Road Safety Marshal Club (RSMC) has resumed its Women’s Street Crime Awareness Campaign after a hiatus due to the pandemic in 2020. Now 3 years later, the 6th edition of the campaign was held at KL Gateway Mall to raise awareness on road safety for women. 


The campaign, which began at 10am, aimed to inform the public on various street crimes and teach them some useful survival skills. This is extremely useful for young women and mothers on the road who drive a lot with their young children as well. Hopefully, we see the number of road incidents involving women drop as a result.

Moreover, RSMC Founder and President, Capt.K.Bala, said, “We’re happy to be back and are hosting another street crime awareness campaign to help women learn how to deal and react during dangerous situations.”


“Many women are unaware of the risks and challenges they face on the streets. We want to equip them with the proper knowledge and techniques to defend themselves. We want them to be alert and prepared for any scenario.” He added.

The campaign featured various safety awareness activities such as home break-in, handbag snatch, kidnapping, elevator safety, self-defense from perpetrators, and more. The participants were able to experience the scenarios first-hand and practice how to react in a safe and controlled environment. 


On top of that, Dillion Goh, Country Manager for Bosch AA Malaysia, stated, “As partners, we are honoured to be part of this year’s Women Street Crime Awareness Campaign. Safety for women including car and road safety is a priority of ours.

“This campaign aligns with the values of our #BoschEmpowersWomen initiative, which we aim to empower and educate women drivers to know their vehicles better through practicing proactive car care and having the basic skills and knowledge to troubleshoot a car breakdown.” He added.

The highlight of the event was the Iron Lady Awards 2023, which honored 17 women for their selfless and noble deeds for the society.


“These women have demonstrated bravery and kindness which made a difference in the lives of many people. We want to honor their accomplishments and influences because they are examples for others to follow and create a better world for the community and society as well.” Capt.K.Bala concluded.

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