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Published on July 8th, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Singer Porsche 911 First Ever Unit Arrives In Malaysia

Mere mortals like us will give up a left nut to own a Singer Porsche 911 before heading upstairs.

In the 23 years of meeting new cars and also some great classic cars in Malaysia and also around the world has been more than a dream come true for us. This is not just a ‘job’. This has been a hobby that pays the bills and a little more.

However, for a ‘boy who once dreamed of owning an air-cooled 911’ we were excited to be allowed to get close to a ‘reimagined’ Singer 911.

We were informed that back in 2019 (four years ago) a Malaysian car collector and avid Porsche enthusiast had purchased a donor (because the car was not in its best condition and this is best way to get a Re-imagined Singer 911 built) Porsche 964 and had it shipped to California, USA to be rebuilt by Singer (last year Singer moved to a brand new, larger premise).

Now, take note that the waiting list to get a Singer allocated slot for rebuilding your Porsche 964 can stretch up to 3 years or more and the build process can take 4 to 5 years depending on your requirements.

Interestingly, this owner made his booking at Singer USA 2 years earlier in 2017. At the time he had a donor completely restored Porsche 964, but it was just in too great a condition to be re-imagined.

So while waiting for Singer to allocate a rebuilding slot for him, he started hunting for another donor Porsche 964. Something a little tatty and really needs to be rebuilt. He was lucky and found a well priced donor car and had it shipped to California.

After 3 visits to Singer to spec his re-imagined 911, it was time to wait patiently. Wait for almost 3 plus years.

Yes, his car was only ready late last year and now it is in Malaysia carefully tucked away in his garage that houses 8 other (yes, he has 8 highly collectible and rare Porsche sport cars) Porsches.

Please note that this Re-imagined Singer 911 owner also has another 12 exotic supercars from all brands, except Lamborghini. Then there are a few ‘normal’ commuter luxury vehicles in his garage for the family use also.

So, with enough experience with sport and supercars, this Re-imagined Singer 911 owner knows what he wants and this is why this particular Singer 911 is very special.

Under the rear bonnet is a 4.0L engine ready to work with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The cabin has been trimmed with a unique colour and with the highest quality workmanship.

The rather unique and special sound system head-unit is easy to use, but quite unnecessary when you have that glorious sounding 4.0L engine in the rear.

The power-assisted steering wheel has the right amount of assistance, but the MOMO wheel looks a little out of place in our books. The meter cluster works like it should in a factory delivered 964 and traditional 911 buttons and knobs remain across the dashboard.

The exterior of this Re-imagined Singer 911 follows the lines of the classic pre-1980’s Porsche 911 and NOT the 964.

Wide Turbo FUCHS rims are used but with Singer design inputs. The handles, side view mirrors, metal trim and bumper guards are made from nickel and its NOT just in nickel colour.

So how much did this Re-imagined Singer 911 cost? Well, the owner prefers to be quiet about his investment but we guess an auction value today to be in the region of RM5.7 to RM5.8 million Ringgit.

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