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Published on July 20th, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Will Your EV Last Longer Than Your Smartphone Or Laptop

Why Not Lease Or Subscribe For An EV Until Their Battery Prices Reduce

Remember how expensive flat screens TV’s and DVD players were more than a decade ago when they first arrived in Malaysia and also the rest of the world. 

We remember seeing a shiny black flat screen TV for RM9,000 and it was just a 32-inch and the 40-inch was past RM11,000. Today they cost between RM500.00 and RM900.00 and offer so much technology (but they still do not last like old TV’s).

Meanwhile, as technology improved we consumers keep buying new smartphones with high tech features that we might never need or use at all. Just like with some electric vehicles on sale today.

Think about it, most of time we end up ‘forced’ to change our smartphone because the ‘BATTERY’ life is reducing fast and the software running the smartphone is ‘hanging’ after ‘FORCED’ OTA updates.

This is probably how the company ‘PUSHES’ users to throw away their old smartphone and get a shiny new smartphone.

So, with electric cars, lets look at the driving range and mileage against the current cost. If you do not electric vehicle technology, then by all means just stay with the petrol and even diesel powered vehicles.

It is fact that electric vehicles are not going away.  The auto companies are positioning for the demand.  Notice how many new automotive companies are offering electric vehicles and they are NOT offering hybrid vehicles as they do not have a petrol engine technology in their ownership.

With an electric vehicle, just about anyone with enough funds just needs to get a simple platform, but the rest off the shelf (like the battery, motor and so on) and out it together and it will sell in less developed markets like Africa, South America and even parts of Asia where there are corrupt automotive agencies willing to ‘sign off’ on the vehicle as road worthy.

No doubt it will be expensive to replace batteries on an electric vehicle and we are seeing many China produced brands offering a 8-year battery warranty, but will they be around or in business still to honor the warranty?

We have seen many new Chinese electric car brands fold and disappear after making a big launch.

Meanwhile, with a petrol powered engine, you can still visit your regular workshop and parts are available at a reasonable price. EV’s are not mass produced and so parts are not cheap, even exterior trim like headlamps, side view mirrors and so on.

Check the prices online and then understand what we are saying here.

GoEV by GoCAR rates reduces

So, why not just lease an electric car from GoEV if you really want one and get to know the technology and maintenance for 3 years or so.

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