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Published on August 16th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Roof Beam At Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park Collapses, No Casualties Reported

The roof beam badly damaged some vehicles to the point of no repair

Disasters happen, we all know this, but when these things do happen, we consider ourselves lucky if no one is injured or worse, killed. One such disaster recently took place at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park as part of a roof beam had collapsed and fallen onto the road, luckily casualties were reported.

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While no lives were claimed and no person was injured, several vehicles were damaged after the part of a roof beam at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park collapsed. Many pictures were taken and posted online from passers-by and while some cars sustained heavy damage some look completely totalled.

Moreover, several pictures were uploaded on Facebook on Tuesday (15 August 2023) showing vehicles damaged by falling debris, the worst of which seems to be a Perodua Bezza based on its rims (since the rest of the car doesn’t offer much information on the make and model) which looks like it can’t be salvaged.

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City Fire and Rescue Department personnel were at the scene to assess the situation. A spokesman from the department, when contacted, said that initial checks revealed no casualties occurred during the incident, but in true Malaysian fashion, passers-by piled up to take photos and posted the pictures they took online.

Once again, it is good that no one was hurt and no casualties were reported, but in situations like this, it would be better not to crowd the area and make clean up work more difficult than it needs to be. So the next time one feels the urge to stick around, just quickly walk away instead and allow first responders to do their job in peace.

Plus, one can never tell with accidents and disasters since things could always go wrong at any moment. What if another part of the roof beam had fallen shortly after and what if it had actually injured a passer-by this time? The bottom line is, always stay safe.

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We got all this from The Star and their full article is linked here. Thank you The Star for the information and images.

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