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Published on September 13th, 2023 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Tesla Need To Know Facts For Newbies

There are still some readers who know very little about Tesla history and background

This is why we are sharing this information below as there are still car buyers who are asking questions about this technology company that produces cars.

So, Tesla, Inc. is an American electric vehicle (EV) and clean energy company founded by Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, JB Straubel, and Ian Wright in 2003.

Tesla is named after the renowned electrical engineer and physicist, Nikola Tesla. (no longer alive)

Tesla is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Tesla is widely known for its electric cars, which have gained significant popularity and acclaim for their performance, innovation and environmental benefits.


Key aspects of Tesla cars are as follows:

 1. Electric drivetrain: Tesla vehicles are fully electric, meaning they are powered entirely by electricity stored in high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. This eliminates the need for a petrol or diesel fed engines completely, resulting in zero tailpipe emissions and reduced greenhouse emissions.

 2. Range and charging: Tesla cars are known for their long electric range, which varies depending on the model. They have made significant advancements in battery technology, enabling their vehicles to travel impressive distances on a single charge.

Tesla also has a network of Supercharger stations worldwide that provide fast-charging capabilities, making long-distance travel more feasible. In Malaysia it is being expanded as you read this and given enough time and customers, it will be easily available nationwide for convenient travel across the country without any range anxiety.

 3. Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD): Tesla has implemented advanced driver-assistance systems, known as Autopilot, in their vehicles. Autopilot allows the car to handle certain driving tasks, such as adaptive cruise control, lane centering, and automatic lane changes.

Full Self-Driving (FSD) is a more advanced feature that aims to eventually enable fully autonomous driving, though it is important to note that as of my last update in September 2021, FSD was still undergoing development and regulatory approval. This feature is not advisable as yet for Malaysia as we have too many road users that do not follow road rules.

 4. Performance and acceleration: Tesla cars are known for their impressive acceleration and performance. The instant torque provided by electric motors allows for rapid acceleration, making Tesla vehicles competitive with high-performance internal combustion engine cars. Take a test drive and feel the start up acceleration and also mid range torque delivery.

5. Software updates: Tesla regularly releases over-the-air software updates, which can bring new features, improvements, and bug fixes to their cars. This unique capability allows Tesla to continuously enhance and upgrade their vehicles even after they have been sold.

This is only available for authorized NEW Tesla’s bought from Tesla showrooms and NOT ‘gray’ imported AP Tesla cars.

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