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Toyota Century SUV Revealed – Will Be Sold Alongside The Sedan

The only question is: will this Toyota Century SUV be sold outside of Japan?

We’re entering an age of change in the automotive industry – electrification and the SUV are all the rage. Even Toyota has had to step up and change things up with their models. The Century – rarely updated and mostly kept close to its roots as a sedan now has been given the SUV treatment as well. That being said, this new Century SUV will not replace the Century sedan. Instead, both will be offered in Japan side-by-side and yes it’s built on TNGA.

The original Century was debuted back in 1967 to offer the chauffeur-driven strata of Japanese society a domestic alternative to the imported luxury cars from the West. Now, Toyota recognises the need for an SUV version that breaks with tradition in order to serve customers better. After all, the chauffeur-driven should more effectively allow passengers to get rest or participate in online meetings and those things require more space than a sedan can offer.

Mechanically, this is a plug-in hybrid. There’s a newly developed 3.5 V6 PHEV powertrain which allows the vehicle to drive on pure electric power in the city or work as a hybrid for long-distance travel. There’s also a Dynamic Rear Steering system for better low speed handling and more stability at medium to high speeds.

Century SUV Design

The body features a two-tone look with the visual weight being pushed far back. The outline was inspired by a loom shuttle motif.

Toyota Century SUV side profile

Both the headlamps and taillights feature a dignified quad light look. Some parts, such as the engraved phoenix emblem, are finished by hand by master craftspeople.

Inside, you’ll find fully-reclining rear seats with a ‘refreshment’ function. The audio system incorporates techniques of a musical instrument manufacturing master (unnamed, but knowing Toyota, it’s Yamaha).

The rear doors open up to 75-degrees, automatically retractable power steps and easy-to-grab C-pillar grips for ultimate ease of ingress and egress.

A newly developed “luggage compartment separate structure” puts a clear laminated pieces of glass between the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment. This reduces noise while also increasing privacy. The separate structure also improves the body’s torsional rigidity and ride comfort too.

The cockpit has features that help professional drivers to focus on driving completely. There’s also a Rear Comfort mode that suppresses jolts when the vehicle comes to a halt by aiding with the braking control.

Toyota Century SUV Spec

  • Length: 5,205 mm
  • Width: 1,990 mm
  • Height: 1,805 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,950 mm
  • Couple distance: 1,220 mm
  • Weight: 2,570 kg
  • Capacity: 4 persons
  • Base sales volume for Japan: 30 units per month
  • Production Plant: Tahara Plant, Toyota Motor Corporation

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