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Published on October 20th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Speake-Marin Unveils The Head Hunters Of Borneo Limited Edition Timepiece

Enjoy another unique take on the Piccadilly watchcase from Speake-Marin

Peter Speake-Marin has become a mainstay in the independent landscape with watches like the Triad, Vegas Ten, Renaissance, and Thelassa, each a unique take on his now signature style and Piccadilly case. Now get ready for another unique take on this case with the new Piccadilly collection from the maison.


While Peter Speake-Marin has numerous complications under his belt and this makes it hard to truly capture the attention of buyers with something new but the brand has managed that now with the new Head Hunters of Borneo limited edition timepiece with an interesting story behind it as well.

Moreover, the Head Hunters of Borneo timepiece might be unique, but it is immediately recognizable as a Speake-Marin. This is important to remember as this kind of appeal carries a certain respect in the world of watches and anyone who can recognise the beauty of the maison will instantly be able to recognise this collection.


This Limited edition mens watch features an automatic FW2012 movement with a titanium case measuring 42mm in diameter. It also features a Guilloche silver dial with roman numerals, a sapphire crystal and a leather strap for a more classic and timeless design as well.

On top of that, the Limited edition Speake-Marin Head Hunters of Borneo timepiece is limited to just 30 pieces which comes with an international warranty and a nett price of RM48,000, making it an ideal choice for someone who cares about how they look and wants a timepiece that is understated but not boring.

This timepiece is sure to turn even more heads for our friends in Sabah who are far more privy to the existence and day to day activities of the actual Head Hunters of Borneo and as such will be able to appreciate this unique timepiece even more as compared to the rest of us in Peninsular Malaysia.
So what do you guys think about this timepiece?


Check out the official Speake-Marin website linked here to find out more.

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