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Published on December 6th, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


BMW Aficionado’s Three Classic BMW 3 Series Cars In Pristine Condition For Sale

Presenting the BMW 3 Series E36 320i, E46 325i M Sport and E90 325i M Sport cars

Being a car collector is an expensive hobby, we all know that, but when one has so much love for cars, money becomes trivial. Sadly, in today’s market, many classic cars that many desire were not taken care of well and are problematic. Well, this BMW nut has three 3 series cars for sale in pristine condition. Check them out here.

So, our good friend, Mr. Kugan Vyravanathan, the owner of a 2.0 litre N52 B20 inline-six swapped E36 BMW 320i, an E46 325i M Sport and an E90 325i, all of which are in mint condition (they are all stock aside from the E36’s engine), is planning in selling these three perfectly running beauties to a fellow BMW addict.


Moreover, the reason why he intends to sell remains unknown but when pushed further, he simply said, “A 10 year dream is about to come true, so don’t stop chasing your dreams, because they don’t stop for those who work hard at it.” It didn’t sound like he was going for an upgrade of another BMW model at this time.

Mr. Kugan, 47, has more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry in Malaysia and in Singapore and his passion for the German carmaker began when he was a teenager and was just simply amazed with the technology behind the making of the legendary E36 back then.

On top of that, many are aware that older BMW cars tend to be rather problematic today, however, this is a problem unique to cars that were not taken care of well. Even older cars from any brand are problematic, is this the manufacturer’s fault? No. Instead, at some point when ownership changed hands, the cars were not looked after properly.

To that end, Mr. Kugan, never skimped on his three BMW 3 series models and always serviced them at very highly trained BMW specific professionals on time so they run almost perfectly. He insists that proper maintenance is essential in preserving a vehicle and since his cars have never had serious issues, we agree.

So, one is getting an E36 BMW 320i with a Racing Dynamics bodykit and an inline six, as well as the last batch of the E46 BMW 325i M Sport and the E90 BMW 325i M Sport, all in near perfect condition, with flawless service records all at one go. If you are interested, contact Mr. Kugan at 012 658 4352 now and to find out more check out the video linked above.

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