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Published on December 22nd, 2023 | by Sounder Rajen


Das Treffen 8 ‘Feiertag’ Wraps Up SEA Porsche Anniversary Celebrations

The eight Porsche Das Treffen Feiertag’ also sees record attendance

The IMPACT Lakeside, Muang Thong Thani, played host to the eighth edition of Das Treffen, the largest gathering of Porsche sports cars in Asia. The event, titled ‘Feiertag’ saw more than 600 classic and modern Porsche sports cars commemorating a multitude of occasions

This includes the the wrap-up of the SEA region’s 75th anniversary of Porsche sports cars, the 60th anniversary of the timeless and iconic 911, and the culmination of Porsche Thailand’s 30th anniversary celebrations in the country that left everyone present feeling on cloud 9 with all the celebrations and cars to see.

Moreover, the celebratory theme is derived from the multitude of anniversaries wrapping up in 2023 for the iconic German sports car brand, the 75th anniversary of Porsche sports cars, the 60th anniversary of the timeless and iconic 911, and the culmination of Porsche Thailand’s 30th anniversary celebrations in the country.

Porsche fans and other passionate car enthusiasts visited the site during the course of the day; what started out as a small and intimate gathering of like-minded Porsche fans by founder Sihabutr Xoomsai, better known as “Tenn,” has evolved into a vibrant Porsche community festival.

On top of that, the main highlight at Das Treffen 8 for Porsche Thailand was an area titled “Dreams in Colours,” here, the company lined up a special display of all seven limited-edition 911 Carrera GTS, 30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition sports cars. This was undoubtedly the main attraction here and drew in the biggest crowd.

Inspired by the different colours of the week in Thai culture, the 911 Carrera GTS, 30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition can be specified in one of seven iconic Paint to Sample (PTS) colours, such as Monday (Yellow), Signalyellow, Tuesday (Pink), Rubystar, Wednesday (Green), Signalgreen, Thursday (Orange), Pastelorange, Friday (Blue), Rivierablue, Saturday (Purple), Ultraviolet and Sunday (Red), Firered.

What’s more, Another stand-out highlight from Porsche Thailand was the presence of the 718 Spyder ‘000’ or ‘Triple Zero’, an exquisite suite of options curated by creatives Pete Stout and Alex Palevsky. The duo are the force behind 000 Magazine, an immersive reading experience for the more discerning Porsche fanatic.


The final standout section at Das Treffen 8 was the Airstream Caravan “Trailer Living Room” inspired by Curves magazine, the “car magazine without cars” from creative luminary Stefan Bogner. The Curves “Living Room” showcased a warm and inviting experience, fusing the world of road trip adventure with the exhilarating spirit of Porsche.

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