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Published on January 26th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Jaecoo J7 Aces M4TREC Off-Road Course Challenge With Stellar Performance

The Jaecoo J7 proves it is not just stunning, but also very capable off-road too

Recently, on the renowned off-road course own by the Malaysia 4WD Training and Experience Centre (M4TREC), Jaecoo’s urban and sophisticated off-road SUV, the J7, underwent a set of rigorous off-road performance tests, garnering high acclaim from M4TREC for its extraordinary off-road capability and stable handling.


M4TREC, Malaysia’s leading 4WD training center, is renowned for its world-class 4WD obstacle course with varying terrain that is complex and challenging. Combined with the country’s year-round wet and rainy climate conditions, these tests serve as a testament to the demanding assessment of off-road vehicle performance.

Moreover, as Jaecoo’s first premium urban off-road SUV, the J7 is equipped with a 1.6TGDI engine, delivering 197PS and 290Nm of torque. The Jaecoo J7 is also fitted with a 7-speed wet DCT, enabling smooth and fast gear shifts in just 0.2 seconds. The seamless and smooth shifting ensures superior power and handling.


To ensure a thorough assessment of the Jaecoo J7, M4TREC’s expert trainers set up a variety of challenging obstacles during testing, including roller ramps, articulation tests, ridge crossings, steep slope descents and more. Confronted with a multitude of tests, the J7 exhibited the peer-leading ability to get out of tough road conditions as well as impact resistance, effortlessly conquering diverse obstacles.

What’s more, the Jaecoo J7 also features an international superb chassis tuning, delivering exceptional results in the moose test at 80km/h. Comparable to premium luxury vehicles, this ensures excellent handling performance and safety for the vehicle. Notably, the J7 also incorporates the advanced All Road Drive Intelligent System (ARDIS), allowing for 0.1 second 4WD instant intervention.


On top of that, the application of the Integrated Power Brake (IPB) system brings forth eight key advantages, including high integration, faster braking, no performance decay, and automatic intervention. All of this gives the Jaecoo J7 the edge over its rivals in every way.

As the economy in Southeast Asia continues to thrive, the scale of the new elite segment is expanding, and there is a rising demand among consumers for sophisticated off-road adventures. Guided by the brand philosophy of “From Classic, Beyond Classic,” the Jaecoo J7 aims to be more than a car. It aims to be a lifestyle.

Through this demanding off-road test, the Jaecoo J7 fully demonstrates its stability and reliability on complex terrains. At the same time, Jaecoo will remain dedicated to refining its brand essence to provide more robust momentum in expanding into the Southeast Asian market especially in Malaysia.

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