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PADU Database Launches This Morning, Foundation For Targeted Subsidies

Be sure to update your information on the newly launched PADU database to get your targeted subsidy.

At an event in Putrajaya this morning, the Prime Minister is launching the “Pangkalan Data Utama” or PADU database (not to be confused with the government’s other PADU). This database will be the foundation for the Malaysian government’s upcoming targeted subsidies and government assistance. Hopefully it’s not running off a single Excel sheet on a Windows 7 computer somewhere.

PADU launch

The government will use PADU to combine all available data from government departments and agencies, finally putting everything under one roof. This will give them a more clear idea of which Malaysian households truly require the subsidy and which ones can survive without it.

Emission Regulations

The public is encouraged to update and validate their information starting today, January the 2nd, 2024. There won’t be a penalty or “action” if you don’t update, so opting out to protect one’s data is completely legal. However, if or WHEN the Malaysian government starts to roll out targeted subsidies in place of blanket subsidies, then opting out of PADU might come with some financial penalty.

That being said, PADU will not only rely on voluntary information collection from Malaysian citizens. It will also collect information and data from industries and agencies under the government. Various pieces of data are pieced together to give the government a clear idea of which households and individuals are in need of assistance. They will also work to ensure the data is up to date.

Targeted Subsidies Coming?

The government has more or less confirmed the end of blanket diesel subsidies. The latest Budget announcement shows a move toward targeted subsidies for this category of fuel. Targeted subsidies will be available to a wide variety of diesel users, but it is likely that private passenger vehicles with diesel engines may not qualify. Right now, diesel prices are capped at RM2.15 per liter. In Singapore right now Shell lists FuelSave Diesel at SGD2.64 per litre, roughly RM9.20 per litre. Last week, Shell FuelSave Diesel in Thailand was listed at 30.24 Thai Baht a litre or roughly RM4.06 per litre.

Stay tuned for incentives to update your PADU database. It is said that Touch ‘n Go and other service providers will be handing out goodies to early bird “updaters”.

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