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Electric Volvo XC40 & C40 Renamed EX40 & EC40 To Avoid Confusion

Besides streamlining future model names with EX40 and EC40, Volvo dropped the “Recharge” from PHEVs too.

When it comes to car nomenclature, Volvo Car was pretty straightforward, at least back in 2018. Over the last few years, the company has started to branch out to new branding, powertrain and vehicle types and this has made things a lot more cluttered. There’s now a C40, which is a coupe derivative of the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric. There are also EM90, EX30 and EX90 models on the horizon, indicating a once-in-a-generation shift in nomenclature. Well, this week that shift has been officially started, more or less.

Volvo EC40 and Volvo EX40. Same-same, but different

Volvo Cars is starting by streamlining and standardizing model names for fully-electric cars to fall in line with the upcoming EM90, EX30 and EX90. Therefore, the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric and C40 Recharge Pure Electric are simply called the EX40 and EC40 now. The petrol and hybrid version of the XC40 will continue to be sold with this name, though the hybrid versions will no longer sport the “Recharge” branding and simply feature the T6 or T8 branding for output level.

Volvo EC40

They haven’t yet fully fleshed out the new nomenclature but from what we’ve seen, the first alphabet “E” indicates a battery electric powertrain, the second alphabet indicates the bodystyle (C for coupé, X for crossover/SUV and M for MPV), while the dual digit number at the end should indicate relative positioning and size. An EX90 and EM90 for instance aren’t related – one is on the SPA2 chassis while the other is on the SEA1 chassis – but the ’90’ here refers to their positions at the top of Volvo’s product portfolio.

Volvo EX40

What about sedans and wagons? Well, our guess is that this is last generation of Volvo sedans and wagons. They aren’t making as much money for the company as their SUV products. Hopefully I’m proven wrong and we still get an ES90 and EV90…

Besides The Nomenclature Change

Volvo Car also used this opportunity to drop a few minor updates.

Volvo EX40 Black Edition
Volvo EX40 Black Edition

  • 16% of their sales volume in 2023 consisted of fully electric cars, up by 70%
  • In 2024, they’ll have five EV products for sale with more in the pipeline
  • a new Performance software pack has been introduced for the EX40 and EC40 Twin Motor cars in selected markets. This increases power output by 25kW and changes the pedal mapping
  • The XC60 B5 and XC90 B5 have been updated with more efficient engine combustion cycles for better emissions
  • Black Editions of the EX40, EC40 and XC40 are being introduced. These will come with Onyx Black paint, high-gloss black badging, and 20″ 5-spoke alloy wheels in high-gloss black.

Volvo EC40 Black Edition

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