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Published on June 19th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


First Inaugural Volvo Padel Open Tournament Champions Crowned In Malaysia

So how much more traction can Volvo gain with the sport of padel in Malaysia?

The inaugural Volvo Padel Open, Malaysia’s premier padel tournament, reached its climax on a momentous Saturday after three action-packed weekends of fierce competition. Held across the prestigious padel clubs of ASCARO Padel & Social Club, Padelground, and PadelKu in the Klang Valley, this event showcased the burgeoning talent and passion for padel in Malaysia.


With a total of 324 participants vying for supremacy, the tournament was meticulously structured into three competitive categories: Open, Intermediate, and Women’s. Each division not only offered substantial cash prizes but also included VoNo merchandise and the unique opportunity to experience Volvo’s cutting-edge electric vehicles for up to two weeks

Moreover, this underscores Volvo Car Malaysia’s commitment to promoting sustainable mobility and community engagement through sports. The journey began in early June with intensive coaching clinics tailored for newcomers in the Open category, attracting over 200 eager participants keen on mastering the fundamentals of padel. 

This initiative not only bolstered the skill level but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among players, setting the stage for an exhilarating competition. Subsequently, the qualifying rounds unfolded amidst palpable excitement, as 113 teams in the Open category battled fiercely in round-robin matches across the designated padel clubs. 

The top 32 teams emerged triumphant, earning their rightful place in the highly anticipated final rounds, alongside the equally competitive Intermediate and Women’s categories, which featured a total of 48 teams. On 15 June 2024, ASCARO Padel & Social Club was transformed into a battleground of athleticism and determination, hosting the riveting final showdown. 


On top of that, more than 350 participants and enthusiastic spectators gathered to witness electrifying matches that showcased the rapid evolution and growing popularity of padel since its inception in Malaysia. 

Speaking at the finals, Patricia Yaw, Marketing Operations and PR Director of Volvo Car Malaysia, expressed Volvo’s deep-rooted commitment to padel, drawing parallels between the sport’s dynamic evolution and Volvo’s pioneering strides in electric mobility. 

“Padel holds a special place in Volvo’s heritage, much like our dedication to safety and sustainable innovations. We are delighted to foster the growth of padel in Malaysia, bringing together a community that shares our passion for sport and innovation.” She said

The Volvo Padel Open not only crowned champions across its diverse categories but also cemented its status as a pivotal event in Malaysia’s sporting calendar. As padel continues to gain momentum nationwide, Volvo Car Malaysia remains steadfast in its support, driving forward a legacy of excellence.

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