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Published on February 7th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Honda HR-V Owner Who Had Servicing Issues Gets Her Car Back Good As New

Honda Malaysia fixed up this owner’s HR-V crossover SUV making it almost brand new

So Honda Malaysia had taken a look at a Honda HR-V that has been a tad problematic and fixed it up. The owner, Noriya Mamat, aged 37, has now confirmed that her crossover SUV had indeed returned to her and it runs like a dream. Coincidentally, it appears the HR-V is also her dream car so we are glad she is happy with it now.

Moreover, while speaking to Utusan TV, Noriya confirmed that her Honda HR-V crossover SUV had been returned to her from the Japanese brand’s service centre last Monday, after waiting for 16 days to see her beloved car come home. Honda Malaysia had initially kept the car in the service centre to try and identify what caused the problems to her car.

Apparently, after a thorough investigation, Honda Malaysia determined that the problem was caused by the headlight not being fitted properly causing it to be unable to be adjusted. This had caused the indicator light on the dashboard to be flashing and the emergency light to be on as the light sensor could not be adjusted. Thankfully, this was a minor issue and an easy fix.


After a long 16 days without her car, Noriya was elated to see her Honda HR-V return to her and even stated, “I have received my Honda HR-V in good condition and it looks as beautiful as a brand new car. I am also satisfied that all the necessary components and parts have been replaced and now work very well.”

“Although I had been hoping that I would be getting a new car as a replacement, I accepted the decision with an open heart after having a thorough discussion with Honda Malaysia.” She added. Noriya had also requested a period of 1 week to test drive the car and make sure that the car is running properly this time.

She concluded with,”Honda Malaysia has assured me this will not happen again and they even contact me everyday to get further information and see if any more developments need to be made to the car.” Noriya expressed her gratitude and was happy to see this car, the result of her and her husband’s blood, sweat and tears, return to her.

We got all this from Utusan and their full article is linked here. Thank you Utusan for the information and images.

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