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Published on February 16th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Mitsubishi Motors Indonesia Begins Exporting All-New Xforce SUV

Will Mitsubishi export the Xforce from Indonesia to Malaysia soon?

Mitsubishi Motors Indonesia has begun exporting the all-new XForce subcompact crossover SUV and while it would be nice to say that Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia  will instead sell the car here locally assembled (CKD), it seems more likely we will receive the Indonesian export version instead.

The real question now is, when exactly, will Mitsubishi be selling the Xforce SUV here in Malaysia? Of course, for the average Malaysian, a much more important question would be, just how much will this compact crossover SUV set one back? Well given the price of similar models we assume it should start around RM115,000.

Moreover, a commemorative ceremony was held at Tanjung Priok Port, which is around 10 kilometers north of Jakarta to celebrate this milestone and it is a proud moment not just for Mitsubishi Indonesia, but the entire country in general.

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The first Mitsubishi XForce shipment will head to Vietnam, and the brand noted that the five-seater subcompact crossover will be gradually exported to other ASEAN countries as well such as Malaysia. However, no official date was given but we do have confirmation that this car will indeed be a CBU model.

The Mitsubishi XForce is also set to be exported in South Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East, and Africa. This is a major achievement for the brand in Indonesia and will also help generate a lot of revenue for it in the country.Hopefully it’s features are what the people in the countries it is exported to are used to.

On top of that, the Mitsubishi Xforce, once it comes to Malaysia will immediately have to face the ultra popular and very reliable Honda HR-V, which also offers a sportier RS variant along with a hybrid option on top of the regular petrol options. This will be a tough car to beat.

Not to mention the class-leading safety features the Honda features and the unbeatable price of the Proton X50 mean that these 2 cars need to be addressed in some way by Mitsubishi if it plans to see the Xforce be a success story here in Malaysia so let’s wait and see what kind of specs we get when the crossover comes here.

What do you guys think about this? Will the Mitsubishi Xforce actually be successful here in Malaysia or do the usual suspects have too much more to offer to the average Malaysian? Let’s find out.

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