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Published on March 12th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Geely Sold A Total Of 184,242 Vehicles In February 2024 Alone

Let’s see if Geely can outdo itself this month and keep doing so until year’s end

Chinese automaker Geely is definitely a household name in Malaysia these days. When our first national carmaker, Proton, was not doing too well and needed financial aid, Geely stepped in, as many Chinese companies seem to do here in Malaysia, and saved the brand. This is why they are so popular here.


To add to the already strong popularity that Geely has in Malaysia, the brand introduced rebadged versions of their best selling SUVs in China which Malaysia now knows as the Proton X series of vehicles and followed that up with the very popular S70 sedan, hence etching their name into our minds permanently.

Moreover, Geely is also one of the more successful Chinese companies that, at least in Malaysia, is not pushing hard for electric vehicle (EV) adoption. This is not surprising given that even in its home country of China, it is nowhere near the top of the popularity and sales leader boards.

However, this may be about to change and Geely may just be able to finally put its name up there with the likes of BYD and Nio in China because the brand has seen a very healthy increase in sales last month (February 2024) and this includes both its electric as well as petrol cars. Let’s review the numbers, shall we?

So the Geely February sales results are in and the total sales amounted to 184,242 units, of which 64,340 units were electrified vehicles, this number is indicative of a 5 percent year on year increase and the share of electrified vehicles sold across the portfolio reached 35 percent. Not bad for a single month.

Geely GX3 Pro

On top of that, last month in China, sales were expected to dip because the country would be celebrating the Lunar New Year and thus it would be a national holiday so less people would be buying cars and more people would be spending time with family instead. Kudos to Geely on this remarkable feat.

So there you have it guys, Geely has managed to surprise everyone and defy expectations to actually see an increase in sales when many other brands saw a drop in sales (again, because of the Lunar New Year celebrations, not because they are incompetent). Congratulations to the brand once again.

So what do you guys think? Can Geely finally make a name for itself at the top or is it still too far below to make the climb?

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