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Published on March 20th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Toyota Set To Produce Cheaper EV Batteries With More Range Soon

Toyota will essentially revolutionise the EV Battery game if they achieve this

While we know that the automotive industry is shifting in an unprecedented way with electrification, these new innovative vehicles are both very expensive as well as less efficient in terms of range compared to the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Well, Japanese automaker Toyota may be changing that soon.

So, Toyota is on the brink of being able to produce solid-state batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) as quickly as conventional batteries, with mass production potentially starting around 2027 or 2028. If this is true, then EV batteries will no longer be ridiculously expensive to maintain and change anymore.

Moreover, this progress stems from a breakthrough by Toyota that might halve the cost and size of these solid-state batteries. If this initiative succeeds, solid-state batteries could potentially double the range of EVs to around 1,200 km and cut charging times to 10 minutes or less.  

Furthermore, Toyota has also joined forces with Idemitsu, a leading Japanese oil company, to work together on technology aimed at mass-producing these solid-state batteries. This will offer the brand an edge that it otherwise would not be able to have on its own. Let’s see how this helps in battery production.

Solid-state batteries have long been regarded as a potential game-changer for EVs and Toyota making this breakthrough in its quest to improve the durability of this technology means that the EV may finally be a true game changer.

2024 Toyota GR Yaris Enhanced edition in white

On top of that, Toyota’s solid-state lithium-ion batteries have a solid electrolyte that allows for faster movement of ions and a greater tolerance of high voltages and temperatures. These qualities make the batteries suitable for rapid charging and discharging and delivering power in a smaller form.

Until now if EV owners wanted to push for performance, the result was shorter battery life, but Toyota’s new battery may overcome this challenge and now the battery being half the size of a regular EV battery and having the ability to charge way faster as well, performance will not be an issue.

This new solid-state battery was initially meant for use in hybrid vehicles but now Toyota is shifting its focus on its next generation EVs. This solid-state battery is also expected to offer a 20 percent increase in driving range compared to the Performance battery (about 1,000km) as well as faster charging times capable of going from 10 to 80 percent in around 10 minutes.

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