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Updated Tesla Model 3 Performance Rumoured To Get Big Power Bump

Will this updated Tesla Model 3 come to Malaysia and how will it affect sales?

The Tesla Model 3 Highland electric vehicle (EV) recently launched in Malaysia and found a few buyers rather quickly. Still, the brand can always offer a faster model and this very model, the Model 3 Performance, seems right around the corner with unique upgrades of its own. Will We get it in Malaysia as well?

With a quick look on X (formerly Twitter), also owned by Elon Musk, one can find some users have posted screenshots of a leaked document from the South Korean Ministry of Environment. The document, which cannot be properly verified at this time, revealed the addition of a new 412hp rear motor to the model.

Moreover, if this is indeed true, it could give the Tesla Model 3 Performance a substantial power boost. Some have even speculated the car could be renamed the Model 3 Ludicrous, but that also remains to be seen. So if Malaysia were to receive this model, will customers cancel their Model 3 bookings to wait for this one?

new rear design of the Tesla Model 3 post facelift

The previous Tesla Model 3 Performance had a combined power output of about 505hp, and the leaked documents suggests that the new rear motor, labeled 4D2 (different from the Model S Plaid 5D2 rear motor), has been rated for 406hp. Meanwhile, the front motor retains its 211hp rating.

These numbers mean that the Tesla Model 3 Performance’s combined output would be 618 hp, a 113 hp boost over the prior model. The leaked document also indicates that the rear motor would reach peak power at a higher speed, 68mph (about 109km/h) versus 47mph (roughly 76km/h) previously.


On top of that, equally impressive is the possibility of the weight of the new Tesla Model 3 Performance being identical to the previous model. The EV tips the scale at 4089 pounds (about 1,855kg), the same as before. Either way, regardless of all its specs, there will still be a long list of buyers lining up to get their hands on the Tesla Model 3 Performance.

It could also get the same 82 kilowatt-hours capacity battery , with a speculated range of around 267 miles (about 430km). That’s apparently based on a stricter testing cycle, the EPA range will likely vary. Of course, 430km of range is definitely considered on the low end for most Malaysians but most buyers wouldn’t care because it’s a Tesla.

Full Self-Driving

We got all this from Inside EVs and their full article is linked here. Thank you Inside EVs for the information and images.

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