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Published on April 1st, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


BYD Will Start EV Production In Thailand In Q3 Of 2024

Now BYD will be able to bring in more EVs to Malaysia even faster

After showcasing its full range of brands at the Bangkok Auto Show this week, BYD said it will kick off electric vehicle (EV) production in the country in Q3 of 2024 and this means that the brand will likely be able to take more orders here in Malaysia and deliver them faster as well making their already impressive sales even more of a sight to behold.


BYD was Thailand’s best-selling EV maker last year with the fully electric Atto 3 SUV being the top-selling electric model, with over 19,200 units delivered. The very same EV SUV is also very popular here in Malaysia and was the very first model the brand offered in the country so it will definitely see many more orders as time goes by.

Moreover, BYD’s general manager of its Asia-Pacific Sales Division said people were lining up to purchase the car after hitting its 10K sales goal in just 42 days. After breaking ground on its first car plant in Thailand last March, construction is expected to wrap up in the next few months and then production should be ramping up to full capacity very soon after that. 

The company also announced not too long ago that its investment will create a significant number of jobs while bringing advanced EV manufacturing tech to the region. This will also help boost Thailand’s economy in a very significant way.

BYD showcased its entire lineup of brands overseas for the first time, including the main ‘Build Your Dreams’ brand, Yangwang, Fang Cheng Bao, and Denza. New EVs, including the Song Max, Sealion (Sea Lion 07 in China), Song Plus (Seal U), Yangwang U9 supercar, and the Fang Cheng Boa 5, all of which have made their debut in Thailand. 

On top of that, once up and running, BYD’s new plant in Thailand is expected to build 150,000 EVs a year. The automaker solidified its commitment to the region as Thailand works toward its goal of having 30 percent of vehicles manufactured in the country to be electric. This will definitely go a long way in achieving that goal.

Well, what do you guys think? Will the new BYD plant in Thailand see more sales for Malaysia or will this only help Thailand while other ASEAN countries need to wait for their turn to be helped by the Chinese EV manufacturer?

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