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Published on April 15th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Tesla Model S Plaid Gets New Sport Bucket Seats. Why Though?

Why is the Tesla Model S Plaid receiving new seats despite having slower sales

Despite sluggish sales, the Tesla Model S and Model X remain in the spotlight. Tesla has unveiled that the Plaid versions of its flagship vehicles now boast new standard sport seats. The best part? These new bucket seats seem to heavily resemble the ones on the Model 3 Performance Prototypes.

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Tesla is famous for manufacturing the majority of its vehicle components internally, a departure from traditional automakers who largely rely on third-party suppliers. This vertical integration extends to the production of audio systems and seats. Notably, these in-house components have consistently garnered praise as standout features of these vehicles.

Moreover, while Tesla seats are widely regarded as some of the most comfortable in the industry, this isn’t always the priority for car owners seeking a sportier driving experience. For models with performance credentials, superior support during dynamic driving manoeuvres takes precedence over comfort. 

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Unfortunately, Tesla seats, while comfortable, have historically lacked that sporty support that only sports bucket seats can offer during cornering, which becomes apparent on winding roads or racetracks. The Performance and Plaid models are particularly affected, given their sporty characteristics and undertone. 

A car’s ability to tackle corners at high speeds is also compromised if the driver isn’t securely held in place, leading to discomfort and compromised control. Recognizing this issue, Tesla’s engineers have embarked on improving seat design for their sports models.


On top of that, last year, images of a new sports seat with a Plaid badge surfaced, sparking speculation that similar seats could be featured on the Tesla Model 3 Performance. These bucket seats were first spotted in a Model 3 Performance prototype in January, featuring a Ludicrous badge integrated between the seat back and headrest.

While influencers have already tested the refreshed Model 3 Performance in Malibu, orders for the car are yet to be open. In contrast, the new sport seats have already begun shipping in the Plaid variants of the Model S and Model X. Tesla has confirmed that all Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid vehicles delivered after 1 April 2024 will come equipped with the new bucket seats.

According to Tesla’s official announcement, the new Plaid sport seats offer enhanced lateral support with track-inspired bolstering. The company claims that the “high-performance suede” material increases grip and reduces weight, while retaining comfort features such as 12-way power adjustment, heating, and ventilation.


We got all this from Autoevolution and their full article is linked here. Thank you Autoevolution for the information and images.

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