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Published on April 18th, 2024 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Unhappy Proton S70 Owner Has 73 Issues But Only 3 Make Sense

We have taken our time to look at how real these issues are from a Proton S70 owner

You might have (or not) read about a Proton S70 Sedan owner sharing on social media an interesting 33 problems with his brand new car and as the days moved along it increased to an ‘interesting’ 54 problems and as of this week it stands at 73 problems.

Interestingly, among the major problems listed from the provided 73 problems by the S70 owner are as follows …….

  1. Noisy steering rack and absorber
  2. Rattling engine
  3. AEB auto brakes around corners
  4. Infotainment system that’s stuck
  5. The car faces difficulty in starting up and remote start is not working
  6. There are scratches and dings in and round the car during delivery

We have minimal technical knowledge but we can say this for the above 6 major problems.

  1. Noisy steering rack and absorber ….. this can be very subjective as there could be one car from thousands produced with this issue and could be this very unit.
  2. Rattling engine …… well it’s a 3-cylinder and it will rattle a little like with the Proton X50 and other 3-cyliner powered cars sold in Malaysia right now. If he were to drive an electric car, then problem solved.
  3. AEB auto brakes around corners ……. This is NOT a car with self-driving (autonomous) driving functionality.
  4. Infotainment system stuck …… which means it has ‘frozen’ and needs to be rebooted or get the manufacturer to replace the unit. That’s all.
  5. The car faces difficulty in starting up and remote start is not working ……. Well this could be an ignition or battery issue ….. we think and can easily be sorted out under warranty.
  6. There are scratches and dings in and round the car during delivery …… when taking delivery of the new car, with the fancy red bow on the bonnet, the buyer should have done less selfies with the red bow and spent time examining the car for paint imperfections. Once driven out, its not the responsibility of the car manufacturer or car dealer anymore.
Proton S70

So, the above items 1 and 4 and 5 should be looked at by the car manufacturer under warranty, the other 70 problems might just be the fact the this recently jobless car owner is having way too much time on his hands and is seeking media ‘attention’.

Launched late last year, this Proton S70 is a brand new sedan with joint venture partner Geely. We have test driven this sedan and have found it to be well equipped and ‘entertaining’ enough behind the wheel for its asking price from RM73,800 to RM94,800.

Fact, when any vehicle is mass produced there will be one or two or maybe even 3 units that will have issues from the factory and this is why there is a factory warranty.

Meanwhile, social media is a great tool for disgruntled customers and even ‘slightly’ manipulative individuals. So social media readers who DO NOT ‘read’ into the ‘negative’ posts properly and use their thinking cap properly will ‘jump to conclusions’.

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