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Published on May 7th, 2024 | by Sounder Rajen


Porsche Finds Replacing Steel Roof With Aluminium Could Reduce Weight By 40%

New Porsche research could help increase EV range by reducing weight

Porsche’s recent collaboration with Alumobility has yielded insightful findings regarding the potential benefits of replacing the electric Taycan’s steel-heavy roof with aluminium. According to their study, this simple switch could result in a substantial weight reduction of approximately 40 percent, which holds significant implications for the efficiency and performance of electric vehicles (EVs).


Beyond weight savings, the adoption of aluminium in key structural components like the roof also promises to streamline the manufacturing process. Porsche’s research suggests that this transition could lead to a noteworthy reduction of around 20 percent in production parts, illustrating the efficiency gains associated with material lightweighting.

Moreover, the release of this research on 23 April underscores the growing recognition of aluminium as a pivotal material for advancing the capabilities of EVs. This strategic shift aligns with broader industry efforts to tackle challenges related to battery range, manufacturing complexity, and overall vehicle efficiency.


Authored by Porsche in collaboration with leading aluminium producers such as Constellium, Novelis, and Speira, the study positions aluminium as a viable solution for achieving lightweighting goals within the EV sector. This concerted effort highlights the collective commitment of industry stakeholders towards sustainable mobility and technological advancement.

On top of that, Mark White, Technical Director of Alumobility, emphasises the far-reaching benefits of weight reduction in vehicles. He suggests that the improved efficiency resulting from lightweighting could lead to enhancements in battery performance or size reduction, ultimately broadening the appeal of EVs to a wider audience.

Porsche’s unwavering commitment to performance excellence underscores the significance of lightweighting initiatives. While these efforts directly benefit electric models like the Taycan, they also pave the way for advancements in conventional vehicle design. These advancements are sure to help boost the brand’s electric sales.

What’s more, by leveraging lightweight materials such as aluminium, automakers can enhance overall vehicle dynamics, optimise energy efficiency, and deliver a more engaging driving experience across their entire lineup. This will definitely future proof the brand’s EV lineup thus making them more desirable over time.

In summary, Porsche’s study with Alumobility represents a pivotal step towards realising the full potential of lightweight materials in EV manufacturing. Through strategic collaborations and innovative research, the automotive industry is poised to embrace new technologies that not only enhance vehicle performance but also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient transportation ecosystem.

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