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Published on June 3rd, 2024 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Maserati GranTurismo Modena Malaysian Drive Review

Here are more than just highlights of the Maserati GranTurismo

This latest Maserati sports car is available in two petrol engine versions. There is the Modena version which is equipped with the 490bhp 3.0-litre V6 Nettuno Twin Turbo which we are test driving here and there is also the high-performance Trofeo version which is based on the same engine but with a maximum power of 550bhp and a slightly higher asking price.

Launched in March 2024, this exotic supercar sits in a segment that has the recently launched Aston Martin Vantage and the Mercedes-AMG GT ‘S’ jostling for the attention of customers and this is why they have similar pricing.

Yes, some of you might wonder why we are not including the Porsche 911 range (which is much more popular with higher sales numbers) or the Lamborghini Huracan (which has a large fan base), this is because we have seen how both Porsche and Lamborghini have their returning customers and these are the people that the Maserati sales team need to reach out to right now.

Meanwhile, did you know that this new GranTurismo from Maserati marks the return of a Maserati icon, created 75 years ago with the Maserati A6 1500.

The Maserati GranTurismo combines the high performance typical of a sports car with comfort suitable for long distances as it has one of the best cabin ergonomics for this class of 4 seater sports cars.

The new model combines a sporty line and great performance with the luxury typical of every Maserati. It stands out for its sound as well as cutting-edge technical solutions, superb performance, comfort and elegance.

Let’s start with the looks. As with all new Maserati models, starting with the exclusive and very exotic looking MC20 halo car, the front of this GranTurismo features vertical lights, bringing back what has become a new lighting signature. This stylistic decision gives the car a fresh, sporty look. Additionally, the front grille includes the iconic 3D Trident logo.

The rear features new taillights, a mix between the classic boomerang form from many Maserati models in the past and a harpoon. Illuminated by Full LED technology, this shape gives the GranTurismo an unmistakable very assertive signature which is almost instantly recognizable, even at the rear.

This GranTurismo offers the driver and their passengers an exclusive welcome, featuring an interior and exterior lighting strategy, triggered when the key holder is nearby. At the same time, the doors and boot can be automatically unlocked, and are locked again when moving away from the car. All the comfort features you will need and more.

Like its older siblings, there is a long bonnet and the central body intersected by the four fenders with proportions as sporty as the exclusive MC20 supercar. Then the roof line drops dynamically to emphasize the curve of the pillar that features the iconic Trident logo.

Step into the sumptuously crafted cabin space and you will find high quality fit, finish and materials all around the cabin. Touchscreens start with the 12.3” central display and 8.8” comfort display, both ergonomically positioned to facilitate easy access to the controls.

The simplest and fastest to learn new quick gesture controls, unique to Maserati, lets you manage the cabin without taking your eyes off the road. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrates with your smartphone in seconds.

Cabin designers have paid the utmost attention to the use of prestigious materials, enhanced by superb finishes in the exterior as much as in the interiors; the perfect blend of dynamism and elegance, to produce Maserati’s unmistakably Italian style.

You will find just the right amount of space for four adults in complete comfort, made possible by the high quality of the standard specifications, to heighten the characteristic Maserati driving experience

Now for the best part. The test drive. This Maserati comes with ‘Drive’ modes. The GranTurismo provides four different driving modes for the driver, which are COMFORT, GT, SPORT, CORSA, plus the ESC-OFF option to turn off all electronic control (not advisable at all unless you have the right driving skills or a fat bank balance).

The engine fires up with a growl, a real engine growl, not some digital sounding option like in many new sports cars sold today. The driving position is good and the drivers seat is very comfortable. This GranTurismo has a new infotainment system and it is user friendly and with faster finger gesture reactions.

So, lets take it it out for a drive. From the first throttle response this sports car jumps to attention as we snake our way through Petaling Jaya traffic in the morning. Once we find a ‘hole’ in traffic we punch the throttle and let the Italian designed and built engine ‘sing’ its tune and it’s a glorious soundtrack to have as you built of velocity.

It’s a sports car with attitude at every gear-change. We maintained our drive on the open highway leaving the city traffic behind. Each kilometer driven increased our enjoyment level and by the time we stopped for lunch we were grinning non-stop as the GranTurismo cornered with authority and exited every fast corner with speeds we normally associate with a more attention grabbing Italian supercar that used to be related.  

Still, there will be many Malaysian supercar buyers who will prefer to pay 40 to 80 percent more for a more flamboyant looking Italian supercar which will not be easy to live with in week-day traffic.

This is why we think they should continue to buy what attracts attention on the road for their weekend drive and get this GranTurismo for the daily commuting which allows for 3 passengers.

So, in conclusion. You can have your Ferrari or Lamborghini, or even McLaren for that once a week attention grabbing driving stimulation and then have this GranTurismo for the other 6 days in the week when going for meetings, dinners, golfing (can fit your golf-bags) and interstate weekend holiday travel (luggage fits nicely for 2 and even 3 if you need to bring your personal masseuse).

Maserati GranTurismo Modena Turbo Specifications

Engine: V6 Twin Turbo

Capacity: 2992cc

Transmission: 8-speed semi-auto

Max Power: 490hp @ 6,500rpm

Max Torque: 600Nm @ 3,000rpm

Acceleration: 3.9 seconds

Max Speed: 302km/h

Price: RM738,800 before local taxes are included

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