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Published on April 20th, 2010 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


Used 1993 Toyota Corolla SEG review

There have been few cars that have managed to be on the top of the least depreciating asset list here in Malaysia. One of the top three cars is the 1993-1996 Toyota Corolla. Both the 1.3SEand the 1.6SEG have been the favorite car for many families and individuals and in recent years it has held its value very well. However as new cars get easier to buy and with so many new possibilities out there, the Corolla has started to slip down the scale and there has never been a better time to get a used one for yourself.

We are convinced that the Corolla 1.6SEG is a perfect choice if you want a small reliable family sedan. It is very economical, delivers a very smooth ride and can last forever (almost) if you maintain it well and not abuse it. Why is it so popular? I guess the reasons will have to start with, decent new and used price, decent quality, great reliability and ergonomics are the key
factors. The 1993 Corolla 1.6 SEG was sold with a very simple, reliable, durable and economical engine. This engine together with the single cam 1.3 engine should never give you any problems if you maintain it well. This engine will easily run beyond 300,000 kilometers without any serious problems. It has impressive power (112 h.p) and really low fuel consumption. The engine runs very smooth at any speed range and provides good torque and excellent fuel consumption for its class. The electrics in this car also are trouble free with power window working for years without a hitch. The automatic gearbox on the 1.6 is relatively trouble-free.
The manual 5-speed transmission is very durable and really fun to drive. The clutch and shifting feeling is excellent with minimal effort on the pedals and light and easy gate shift. Inside the Corolla everything is simple and convenient. The driver’s position is comfortable with enough room even for tall adults. The pedals, the shifter and lights/wipers controls are exactly in place where you needed them most.

Making sure your Corolla is trouble free is easy as long as you change the oil regularly – by doing so you can prevent many problems and expensive repairs. Keep all the fluids full and try to avoid overheating the engine. Transmission fluid and few other items also need to be changed periodically. When servicing your Toyota, we suggest that you use only original Toyota parts, as they not so expensive and benefit in the long run. Now for the asking price. A well looked after 1995 1.6 SEG will sell for around RM27 to RM29,000. An older 1993 unit will still sell for RM24,000.

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