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Published on August 8th, 2010 | by Daniel Sherman Fernandez


E-Class 250CGi Gets Topless In Ipoh

Years ago in 1985 when the W124 Mercedes E-Class was launched, it spawned a generation of variants that till today remain very desirable. There was of course the sedan, the coupe and the estate (wagon). Then came a ‘cabrio’ version with upgraded engines that were enjoyed across the range. This was a cloth/soft top version which was the norm with all cabrio’s from around the world. The following E-Class range, the W210 also carried a cloth/soft top version and soon after that Mercedes engineers unveiled folding metal/hardtop cabrio’s. This was introduced to promote safety, insulation, weather protection and also enhance aerodynamics. The SL, SLK and even the E-Class carried these new mechanical wizards that folded neatly into the cars booth. Fast forward to 2010 and Mercedes realized that the ‘romantic’ soft top was still preferred by customers and so they set about engineering a more well designed and engineered folding cloth top with newer materials and so the latest E-Class cabrio was presented to us. Keeping all the positive elements found in a metal top, Mercedes latest soft top delivers the much needed ‘romantic’ feel that cabrio owners long for. Nearly an inch thick, the three-layer insulated soft top is waterproof and windproof.

The top opens or closes in about 20 seconds (we appreciated this closing speed during our sudden rain downpour from Banjaran Spa to Tanjung Rambutan).

Pushing a short lever between the front seats or pressing a button on the “SmartKey” remote unit operates the top.

It should be noted that if the cabrio system ever fails due to battery failure, the hydraulic system can be de-pressurized quickly, so the top can be closed and locked manually.
A brief walk around of the car and one will soon notice that this new E-Class cabrio is a little shorter than its sedan sibling. After some one-on-one conversation with their product and marketing team we were informed that this E-Class cabrio sits on the new C-Class’s 108inch wheelbase. Suspension, petrol engines, passive and active safety features all come from the new E-Class but the rest seems shrouded in secrecy. Never mind as the car is ruggedly handsome and drives like a true tin top coupe.

Inside you get a well screwed cabin with high luxury trappings. The mechanical seatbelt arm from the W124 CE has been employed for easier driver and front passenger belt-up. Full sports seats in front and snug teen seats at the rear. Large adults will find the rear a little cramped but its fine for city commute. Luggage space is good for a cabrio with 11.5 cubic feet and with the cabrio roof down and tucked into the boot, there is less 30% of luggage room. Pretty decent still!

Safety features are class leading with 8-airbags, ‘Presafe’ is installed and a new nifty feature called “AIRCAP” system. This is an amazing piece of engineering comprised of over 200 parts.

At the push of a button, AIRCAP reduces air turbulence at all four seats, allowing for conversations to be had at almost fixed roof levels.

AIRCAP consists of two units – a wind deflector with a mesh screen that can extend about 2½ inches above the windshield frame, and a second deflector between the rear seats.

In short, the deflector on the windshield frame raises the airflow over the interior while the mesh screen raises the air pressure in the interior slightly. The second deflector between the rear seats reduces backflow into the cabin.

Powered by a turbocharged 1.8-liter engine, this cabrio makes haste with ease and there is little hesitation to reach its top speed. It is by no means a drag racer but more a ‘stylo’ ‘milo’ car to be seen in. There is better damping and better body control than in the BMW 3-Series cabrio which is its direct competition that employs very firm damping. More impressive is the steering, which offers a perfect compromise of surface feel, steering effort and feedback. This makes this Benz cabrio more intuitive with better behavior at the cornering limit than the BMW. The engine makes genuinely usable power at high rpm but is not as fast from the gate as the BMW.

In tight corners this Benz’s suspension puts the power down consistently through 18inch rubbers and keeps little drama from unfolding. It’s clear when driving hard that Mercedes is keenly aware its competition has upped the bar in top speed but this Benz cabrio’s directive are shrewdly focused towards luxury car drivers looking more for glamour and ease of driving rather than heavy weighted steering and a bumpy sports ride which BMW favors. On our Klang Valley roads, this Benz will shine and the Bimmer owner will return with a sore back and loose teeth.

Mercedes E-Class Cabrio E250CGi Specifications
Engine: 4-cylinder Turbo
Capacity: 1796cc
Gearbox: 5-speed Touchshift
Torque: 310Nm @ 2000-4300rpm
Horsepower: 204bhp @ 5500rpm
0-100km/h: 7.8 secs
Top Speed: 240km/h
Price: RM535,888

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